How important it is to use eye cream/gel?

  1. Hello All,

    I wanted to know how important it is to use eye cream?

    My facialist said that using eye cream is very very important. I told her that I didnt want to use any. So I was not sure if she wanted to push me to buy thier products, but she kept insisting that I needed to use eye cream/ eye gel no matter what age I am.

    I had a really bad expierence with eye thingymagiggys. I used a shesido eye cream that had the ingredient retinol. Which then resulted in little white bumps right under my eyes. I stopped using the product right away. From then on, I was afraid to use any type of eye cream.

    Im only 24, so my facialist told me that I needed to use a gel base eye cream. She said that retinol was too oily for my eyes and it was used for wrinkles. She said that I was too young to use an anti wrinkle cream. After, she recommended me to use a gel base eye cream.

    Im still reallllly afraid to use anything around the eye area. Those bumps are soooooooo hard to get rid of!
    So now, I am now noticing dark circles (more dark then usual) and a little puffiness around my eyes, so my question is....

    What eye gel would you guys recommend me to use to rid of my dark circles and puffiness? I did a search, but mostly found search results in eye cream containing retinol.

    Any advice is appreciated.
  2. I know what you're talking about. I didn't use eye cream until 3 weeks ago. I've been reading from magazines that it was important to use eyecream, especially when you're in your 20's. Even though you might not have any wrinkles yet, but it's mainly preventative.

    I'm using Philosophy and it's okay. I don't see any dramatic result but I'm hoping it's prevent me from having one soon! If you need to decrease puffiness you can try Kinerase, Clarins, or Caudalie. I'm not sure if they contain Retinol or not. You can check on Sephora website, I guess.
  3. I actually don't know how important it is to use an eye cream but I've been using one for the last 15-18 years! I thought well since I moisturise my face my not my eyes? I started in my teens and now I'm in my 30s. The skin around my eyes is in great conditions but I'm not sure how much can be attributed to eye cream or whether it's genetics.

    Anyway, there are plenty of eye creams/gels w/o retinol found in the department stores or drugstore, but how good a cream is at getting rid of puffiness and dark circles may be a Q of trial and error. Also you must give a product time to see results. Also look for creams that say they don't clog the pores to try and avoid the white bumps.

    For the entire time I was using L'Oreal but recently I changed and now I'm using Olay Total Effects eye cream. Neither of them are expensive and can be putchased everywhere.
  4. I don't care what my facialist says, but I use an anti-aging eye cream - Kiehl's Abyssine eye cream (it's so so so so so good), and now, I'm trying out Bobbi Brown's Hydrating eye cream..

    The thing is that if you get bumps under the eyes, use something really light. I recommend you Clarins Lifting eye serum that prevents any sagging and makes yous skin just so smooth. I'm turning 18 soon, but still use eye cream. Have been since I was 16.
  5. It's very important to use an eye cream, the skin around the eye area is thin, and is one of the first places that begins to show age. It's best to use an eye cream day and night around the orbital bone (unless otherwise directed). I am 24 also, I have been using an eye cream since I was 18.
  6. YES, use eye cream/gel!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can tell a HUGE difference if I go w/o for more than a day or so, ESPECIALLY if I try and use concealer under the eyes w/o moisturizing.

    I like Aveenos' brightening eye cream in a pump.
    Chanel has one too that I like, but I can never remember the name.
  7. I use OLAY eyelifting serum. I like it alot,a couple months ago my under eyes were HORRIBLE. I had bags,and dark circles. My under eyes have become lighter,and tighter. This is pretty afforadble also its 18 bucks.
  8. ya i'm thinking of trying the chanel eye cream that comes in a jar....
    i think it's just their basic eye cream right?
    i hope it's worth the $$ = )

    I've been lazy but the lines are starting to show =( GULP:!!!

  9. wow, thanks for all your input!!

    I will now be ona hunt for a gel base eye cream.

    I surely need to do some preventative measures to slow the process of wrinkles!!

    Thanks all!!!

    Seems like the majority use oil of olay and chanel. I will have to do some research!
  10. ooh I was just about to post something like this! my eyelids & above get really dry but some eye creams I have used almost burn my undereyes ... I get a bad rash.

    swanky, I'm going to try the aveeno! I use their moisturizer and love it.
  11. You´re "only" 24 and still no eye cream? Consider these suggestions from our fellow members and RUN to get your eye cream. I´ve been using eye cream since I was 19 and now at 25 I still have no sign of fine lines or wrinkles like my friends do.
  12. Its a scarry thought, I know! Im 24 and still no eye cream!!!

    Just that I been traumatized with using eye cream and very leary of using them again. I really dont want the white bumps to get bigger or start developing again.

    But I will go to Macys counter to do some research! Thanks for your input!
  13. true. . . I hadn't thought about it.
    But I am 32 and don't have one crow's foot near an eye! I look younger than all the fellow Mommies in the K class :biggrin:
  14. kiehls avocado eye cream is very mositurizing and gentle, i highly reccommend it!
  15. When you apply eye cream, do you have to wait for it to absorb before you slather on the sunscreen (in the morning)? I usually put on moisturizer, eye cream (with SPF 30) and then my regular SPF right afterwards... will it detract from the eye cream's effects?