How important is your mobile-phone ?

  1. I'm wondering how important is your mobile each day ? Which model you have .... do you make a lot of pics/videos with it ? Here is mine: it's a new SAMSUNG SGH-E770 - for me it's a very important thing each day, I can't be without ;);):biggrin: !
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  2. I have an Eriksson T610. I mostly use it to check my email & send SMS, and the camera sometimes come in hany when I don't have my usual camera with me. I don't make a lot of phonecalls from it, I make most of my calls from a regular phone, at home or at work. But I feel totally naked without my mobile phone, as I want the school to be able to reach me anytime if something would happen to my kids.
  3. I have T-Mobile Sidekick 2. It's my phone, occasional camera, address book, agenda, on the go laptop, and sometimes my navigational device lol.


    I love it, and I can't wait to upgrade to the next version coming out in a few months
  4. I have a Motorola Tracphone. I never use it. Just keep it for the odd emergency. It will expire with unused minutes, I'm sure.
  5. i have a Samsung VGA1000 and it is SO important. because i live the transient life of a college student, i really don't have a house phone. on top of that, even if i had one, i'm hardly ever actually IN my apartment. i'm at work, on campus at school, visiting my parents - i'd never get any calls if i didn't have it with me all the time. i'd also never see any of my friends. they're essential around here.
  6. I have the Verizon Pink Razr phone. I love it and can't be without my phone!! If I forget it at home, I'll go all the way back just to get it.
  7. My cell is super important because I don't have a regular house phone so it's the only one I have. I have a Motorola v400 from Cingular (internet, camera, all that jazz), but I'm due for an upgrade in June.

    I really want a razr!
  8. Not important at all. I've had one for the last 7 years and I really like not having one anymore !! :biggrin:
  9. I have one so my kids can reach me but its not that important to me. I definately could live without it!
  10. I buy a new phone every year upgrade or not. I usually pay full retail, but it's all good. My newest phone is the Palm Treo 650 from Cingular. I love my cell phone, but my last phone took such better pics. This quality really sucks. I have to have my cellie on me at all times.:weird:
  11. from 1-10 i would have to say a 8.5, i have a smartphone and eventhough I hate talking on the phone i use the text messaging feature like its going out of style. :biggrin:
  12. The plam treo 650 totally ROCKS!
  13. I used to have an old phone for which I bought minutes every 1-2 months (was for emergencies) it until almost 2 months ago. Then I got a real contract and a pink RAZR :love: Hehe it's essential now. I have unlimited web access so when classes are boring I go on msn :lol: It's kinda slow but it's better than Philo classes :noworry: It's much easier to reach me that way, I don't know how I managed to live without it :P
  14. I have a Samsung E600. Its my second mobile and I love it. I use it for texting mostly and the occasional phone call. It doesnt rule my life. Its just there if I need it!
  15. Ooh I like your phone! Are you with Sprint?

    I feel naked and paranoid without my cell phone. Right now I'm using a stand-in cell phone since my mom took away my original baby. Currently the stand-in is a Samsung, but I'm not sure what model.
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