How important is the Gift Box?

  1. :wlae:On my most recent journey to LV in New York, I purchased a cosmetic case along with a few other items as a gift. Everything was perfect until they told me they didn't have any more boxes that would fit the case. Should I try another LV closer to where I love for a box or just package it plain box? Also how likely are they to give me a box if I haven't purchased at their store?
  2. I love my boxes. I would definitely go to another store and ask for one if it's important that you have one. I don't think it will be a problem if you go to another store! :smile:
  3. its not important as such but I think its a preference. Personally I like boxes with my items and would go to another branch to get one :biggrin: I dont think it would be a problem going to another store :biggrin:
  4. I love LV Bovex even though they take up a lot of spaces. But if they ran out of box im ok with it to..