How important is the dust cover to you???

  1. I was just curious...

    How important is the dust cover to you?:confused1:

    I know for me I have to have a dust bag and box for every item!! BUT to me, the dust bag is a must!!!:sweatdrop:

    Do you have a dust bag for ALL of your items???:sweatdrop:
  2. Absolutely yes, for all designer shoes, boots, bags and belts, they're all safely esconced in dust bags. :tup:

    The only one without one is a LuLu Guiness, which made me wonder if perhaps it's a fake. :push:
  3. For the amount of money LV items cost I expect a dust bag, box, and bag with every purchase. It's good to keep these in case you decide to resell down the line.
  4. Always store all my bags in dustbags. Especially while I am not using them.
    However, i don't save boxes or bags..
  5. Dustcovers are slightly important for me.. I don't use them much, but I do like to see them when I open a brand new box. :smile:
  6. I don't use mine much because my bags are mostly the speedy...I have 4 and a neo cabby. I put my speedy bags in a pillowcase because I stuff them to keep their shape. The dustbags aren't big enough once I stuff them.
  7. very important. I need one for every item lol.
  8. i need the dust covers to store my unused bags.. so yap they are important for me =)
  9. I need a dust bag for every bag so it's very important!
  10. If I bought it from the store, yes.
  11. Well, EVERY new LV bag I buy had better come with it's dust bag, or I don't leave the boutique without one !!!!
  12. Have 2 have one for each item. IMO it makes a big difference in keeping them looking mint for as long as possible.
  13. I do have dustbags for all of my items.
  14. very important
  15. Dust bags are very important to me... all of my designer hand bags and shoes are stored in their respective dust bags when not in use. I just wish that the designer would provide dust bags for all of their small accessories as well. Even Coach will give you a dust/storage bag for a small accessory if you ask for one.