How important is it to you whether or not your bag is Made in France?

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  1. I have two bags and a check book cover all of which are made in the U.S.A. and Spain. I really would like one of my pieces to be made in France just because it's a Louis Vuitton. Am I being silly or does anyone else think this way or does it not matter to you?
  2. for me it doesn't matter. i expect my mono and damier pieces to all be from the US at this point. but if its more expensive or special, then i'd prefer paris.
  3. for the speedies, i like made in france.
  4. Not at all, but do a search on this, there have been a lot of topics covering the same subject. ;)
  5. Not a huge deal... my pochette is from France, but my speedy is from USA. If I had the choice, I would choose France, but really it won't stop me from buying something.
  6. As long as it's real Im good!
  7. They shouldn't be made in Paris, that's what a lot of the fake bags say (Paris instead of France).
  8. It didn't really matter to me in the beginning. But when I started paying attention to where all my bags were made and it was made in France, I felt really good for some reason!! So now when I purchase new bags, I just check the tag. So far I've been very lucky!!
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    This topic has been covered many times. If you do a search, I am sure you'll come up with several threads discussing this.

    EDIT: thank you, Rebecca.
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