How important is a lot of feedback for a seller?

  1. I think that I will sell some of my bags to make room for new ones that I want. I have 176 feedback, all positive, but almost all of it for buying, not selling. My Mom has over 1000 positive, and a lot of it is seller feedback. Do you think if I used her Ebay name to list my bags that people would feel more confident in bidding?
    She said no problem, that I can use it, but on the other hand, I would like to build my seller feedback up. Thoughts?:shrugs:
  2. Well...what does she sell? How many bags are you talking about? Can you take good pix? Will it bring any distress to your relationship with your mother if she sells one of your bags and it turns into a nightmare, courtesy of the buyer? Personally, I think if you have the time and the inclination, you obviously have someone you can ask questions of (Mother), I would try and do it myself-good luck whichever way!
  3. I am always more confident when a person has high positive feedback whether it be from buying or selling. My thought process is that they would be less likely to ruin their good feedback.
  4. I agree, build your feedback and reputation. Leave you mother's alone, you don't want ruin that relationship over a potential bad buyer. :tender: :shocked: :noworry:
  5. Do you have a record on eBay of buying authentic bags? That always weighs a lot with me if I see a new seller. I agree with the other posts - great pictures in your listing is what gives the bidders confidence.
  6. If you are just selling one item (or say, not at a high rate, at one per month) then I'd suggest using your own ID.

    Sometimes I am a little wary of sellers who have a lot of positive feedback, but get it as a buyer, and then suddenly they have 50 high end items for sale. Of course, I take a look at some of the items they've bought.. if they're all small items then I would wonder where those highend ones suddenly popped out from. If they've been high end items all along, then I wouldn't worry.
  7. I agree. Seeing a seller who has bought from other sellers (who sell authentic designer items) gives me a peace of mind. Also, I think you should be upfront that you're items are from your own personal collection; I like sellers who are candid in their listings and I would much rather buy from them than questionable sellers who have a ton of designer stuff and use a "salesman" approach to get people to buy.

    My advice is that you should start out with a few bags and build up from there. Be sure to have lots of good quality pics because you'll have picky buyers (like myself ;) ).
  8. Well, if you want to start somewhere you need to sell your things under your ID, not your mothers. 176 all positive feedback-it's a lot.
  9. you shouln't need 1000+ feedback bofre you sell deisnger bags, your own rating is file, as long as your previous transactions are transparent and you take good pics etc. you'll be fine. I sold apair of Gucci shoes with less than 100 feedback
  10. I'm fine with a seller with 50 or 1000 feedback as long as their feedback is really high and if it's not 100%, I will look it up why.
  11. Gosh, nothing at all wrong with 176 feedbacks (unless you just registered 2 weeks ago).;)

    I always factor in time on eBay as well as the number of feedbacks. I read the feedback comments, both those left for and by the member. I also look at the other items they have for sale, and click the links on the items in the feedback if they are still active to see what they have sold and to whom.

    I NEVER just look at the number of feedbacks. The only exception to that, and it depends on the item I'm looking at, is sellers with five digit feedbacks. Those are usually HUGE outfits. I much prefer to deal with small volume sellers. The service is usually much better and definitely more personal.
  12. Ebay feedback to me is very important. If you have 176, I wouldn't worry if its positive.