how important are those little papers?

  1. i bought my azur speedy from Neiman Marcus in newport beach, ca last week, and i love it! i noticed however, that i didn't get any little booklets or papers that prove authenticity... are they important (like say, if i ever want to sell it in the future) and should i go back to ask for them? i also didn't get my bag in a box... just in the brown LV shoppiong bag. is the NM LV not doing its job? or does it differ from LV store to LV store?

  2. I didn't get mine when I bought my speedy too!
  3. some bags I got those papers with them but some i didn't.

    You can still check authenticity by using datecode in the bag or else.
  4. sorry for the dumb question... but where is this datecode?
  5. Louis Vuitton - Newport Beach was the store that I also got my first Vuitton!!! I also didn't get any papers
  6. You only get care booklets with certain lines. They dont come with regular Monogram, Damier or Azur lines. The multicolor, vernis and any limited editions come with care booklets. There are threads about this that have the exact info in them, if you do a search.
  7. oh, whew! it is rather hidden in my speedy but i found it on one of the leather pieces behind the inside pocket flap. thanks! i was starting to get worried... hehe
  8. Yeah, I have several bags I didn't got a booklet with... I'm not worried I would lose them anyway before i sell the bag :shame:sad:no intentions to sell...)
  9. then dont prove anything. they can be made up and sold with fakes.

    as long as you have your bill of sale that is all that is important, this way if you have to go back to lv with your bag you have what you need,
  10. fake bags have date code as well and the better ones have correct date codes, this is not a way to tell if a bag is authentic.
  11. ^^ agree!
  12. elux has been really good about including the papers, but i would ask your Neimans about giving them to you. i think they're important enough to want to have them.