How important are the cards with a new bag?


Would you buy a b bag if it didn't come with the tags/cards

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  1. I wasn't sure whether I should post this with the thread on my new BI day bag, but its somewhat of a separate issue.

    On my way home from buying the bag (Gretta Luxe, Newton, MA) I realized that it had the card with the year and season but not the controllato card (small one with numbers) or the Balenciaga folding card. When I called them, they did not seem to know where they were or respond with any level of concern. I called again today and the SA said I could come in and maybe they could get one from another bag. She did not respond in any way that helped me feel I have a right to ask for the documentation and I felt a bit like I was being brushed off.

    It would be nice to have the cards in case I ever sell the bag. On the other hand, those who buy authentic bags know what to look for and the cards can be faked.

    Has anyone ever had this happen? Are small botiques not as fastidious about providing the documentation as compared to, say, BalNY or Barneys?
    Is this not a big deal?
  2. Hmmm. That is strange. If it is important to you, then I would definitely go back and ask for the cards.

    As for reselling without them, I don't think it's a big deal. Even the superfake bbags have something wrong with them...and they're much easier to spot then say Vuitton superfakes.

    If you ever resell, just take/provide a lot of good photos. That's ultimately whats going to sell your bag.
  3. I think the card with the year/season is most important. I don't think the little controllato card is that big of a deal... :shrugs: But if you bought a brand new bag retail you deserve to get it and should go back to get it if you want it.
  4. I always trough away all the cards, too much clutter. If ever it comes to my mind to resell I think very good pics will do more than any cards.
  5. I appreciate everyone's comments...I won't worry about it anymore and will just enjoy the bag.
  6. I exchanged my Marine City for a Black Part-Time last night, and when I inspected the bag when I got home, there were NO tags inside! :wtf:

    I just called Daphne, and she said that the bag i purchased just came in and was brand new...and I believe her. But it's strange to receive a supposedly brand new bag without any tags from BalNY. She said I could come in and exchange it (which I don't want to do because I got the one I really wanted), but that she can't just give me the tags from another bag. I told her that it's ok, and to just let me know if she comes across them by chance.

    Tags are pretty much essential for reselling, but I don't think I'll be selling this bag. I just want to have the tags because I collect them! It's like the little plastic bracelet they put on a newborn baby at the hospital!:crybaby:
  7. oh myyyyyy!! and it's from balNY u said
  8. well kinda similar...
    i ordered a bag from them a few weeks ago, and it didn't come with extra tassels, so i called and Daphne sent me the extra tassels, but she also sent me all the cards from another bag too. that was kinda weird. so i do believe that they do have brand new bags there without tags.
  9. In addition, my bag smells perfumey, and not the new leather Bbag smell. I'm wondering if someone treated the bag with lotion...I read somewhere on this forum that they do keep lubriderm in the back for this purpose...
  10. If you live near BALNY i would go in and exchange for one with tags....unless the others were grossly's just not worth having doubts about a new purchase
  11. BalNY treats their bags with Lubriderm????? Seriously?
    This just seems so funny because everybody pays so much attention on whether a bag has been treated when buying a bag on ebay...
  12. I think they use lubriderm to spot treat small dry spots....not for the whole bag the way some people were doing on the forum for a while:smile:
  13. Just fyi for the future, I always reiterate when I'm buying from BalNY that the bag should have all the documentation. I did it the first time just because I was excited and wanted everything in order in case I resold, and when I asked, the SA said "Oh, let me check to see if it's all there" and that was AFTER she had put it in a bag.

    So I don't think they automatically check -- though of course they should, especially if they're sending it to someone!

    Now I always remind them each time, and then double check after them.
  14. ITA