How important are dustbags and boxes to you?

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  1. There's an LE wallet I really want, and there are a few listings on eBay for it. The thing is, it comes in two different colors - gold or silver. Naturally, the color I prefer is the more expensive one (gold). BUT the listings for the silver include with dust bags and boxes, while the gold ones doesn't come with either. I prefer my LV items to come with dustbags and boxes, but I absolutely love the gold.

    Are dustbags and boxes a deal breaker for you?
  2. get the one you love the most (gold) and see if you can get a dustbag/box next time u visit a LV store
  3. To me the condition of the item is more important. I have few spare dust bags and boxes, so I always can use the spare ones to store it.
  4. Not when it comes to discontinued items

  5. Do they give you extra boxes or dustbags if you ask for one???

  6. That is very true! The gold one is brand new while the silver ones are lightly used.

    I wish I had spares!!

  7. Get the gold one and next time when you go to LV store, ask for a spare dust bag, should be fine.
  8. just out of curiosity, how dou ladies ask for spare dustbag at the store? i once asked but the SA told me they can't give away/don't have any spares as each bag comes with its own dustbag.
  9. yes i dont see y not..sometimes i use them to store multiple shoes while traveling so there was times when i need it another one for my bag bc the original got damaged.

  10. The good thing is the seller says she doesn't have an original dust bag but she will include an LV shoe bag, whatever that is. Looks like a dust bag from the photo. So nice of her to be honest about it.
  11. I know what you mean. Ultimately I would love things to come with box, dustbag and receipt. If a listing has none of these things I will wait patiently because there will always be another one. At the minimum I would want a dust bag. If there are two or more listings around the same price I will go with the one that has the dustbag. GL

  12. Shoe bag will do, normally shoe bag is the dust bag with draw string.
  13. Get the one you want and ask for a box and dust bag at the store. You can say you lost one, you never received one or just say you want a spare. They will give them to you. My Speedy never came with a box so when I bought my next bag I carried in the Speedy and told my SA I never got a box for it. He was appalled and gave me a spare on the spot! Don't be afraid to ask.
  14. Nice that they will include the shoe dust bag, it's pretty much same thing just different opening. But atleast in my experience, the SA at lv have given me extra dust bags etc. Just ask!
  15. I don't care about boxes unless I am buying new from the store, but I do care about getting the dust bag in the new and pre-owned market. I would make an allowance for a bag without a dust bag in the pre-owned market if the bag is hard to find. Then I would just buy another brand's dust bag that I have seen sold on EBay. It's good to know that you can request a dust bag at the LV store if you're a repeat customer. In your case, I would choose the gold one.