How I spent my 25% coupon

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  1. Well I REALLY wanted the indigo patchwork satchel...which sold out earlier this week.....

    So I got the indigo patchwork pouch. And the silver metallic pleated wristlet my mom had been eying...for her birthday!

  2. When is your mom's birthday? What a sweet daughter you are. :heart:

    The indigo patchwork is so gorgeous - I love my shoulder tote. I'm planning to carry it a lot in the fall and winter.
  3. Great choices! Youre such a sweetheart towards your mom, happy birthday to her!
  4. The indigo is a good choice. Your Mom will love it! What a great thing to purchase for her!
  5. WOW! Can i adopt you? I am sure she will love it!
  6. Mom blames me for her Coach addiction...and she can't afford it like I I try to pay attention to what she wants when it comes time to give her a present!
  7.'re a really sweet daughter...your mom is lucky!
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