How I solved my Black City for summer dilemma

  1. I was at a festival in downtown Toronto yesterday and they were handing out free flowers. I put one on my Black City and ended up getting so many compliments! Now I know how to wear this heavy colour in the summer:p
    The flower was yellow but my cat ate it. So here is the one I picked and used as a replacement. Yellow looked WAY better.
  2. ^^^Cute!!! BYW, I use black bags all year long!
  3. It is so Cute Stylefly :yes: Your Black city is so YUMMIE!!!
  4. Very cute... I use black bags in the summer too :tup:
  5. cute!
  6. Cute! I've been carrying my black city all week this week - temps of 85-90!!
  7. Really? Black in the summer? I've always wanted to do that, but afraid it looks so heavy with the lighter colors and materials. Thanks for being so brave and making me feel that it's not that bad!!! ;)
  8. I think black is a gorgeous summer color, especially when you brighten it up with a light colored summer dress - and a FLOWER! Sooooooo cute!

    I laughed when I read that your cat ate the flower!
  9. Really cute !!
    IMO black bags are perfect all year round :smile: !!
  10. That's so funny that your cat ate it:weird: cats are so comical:p
  11. WOW your black city with flower looks so cute and the bag so yummy :drool::nuts: !! Thank you for sharing stylefly :flowers::love:
  12. That is so cute and your bag is gorgeous!
  13. Cute idea! My cat would have eaten the flower too! :p
  14. Great style idea! You could also tie a scarf to it! I do that all the time. Very cute!
  15. That looks so cute! What a great idea!