How I removed color transfer from my Chanel flap!!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to share with you guys how I finally managed to remove the color transfer from my tan colored caviar jumbo flap bag with GHW.

    As you can see from my pictures below I had some color transfer issues which I couldn't get rid of for months, which was so frustrating because it all happened because of my wearing a dark green shirt even though it was washed first. I tried everything to get rid of the freaking transfer with no results.

    Finally I was so irritated by it that I took the risk and used nail varnish remover on it to see if that will work. As you can see from my photos, IT WORKED!! I don't know how or why and I don't care.

    Please everyone do this at your own risk, I can't guarantee it will work for you as it has worked for me but i was very carefully wiping the bag and it still looks great with no issues concerning the caviar leather. Just posting this for other people that may be encountering the same issues and I really hope this helps you girls. I am not an expert on this, just a frustrated women with bag problems.


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  2. Wow! Great to know. It's a little scary to use nail polish remover but ill vertically keep this in mind.

    So happy for you!!!
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  3. Very nice!!! Can you please share the brand of remover and method??
  4. +1
  5. Wow that was brave but guess desparate times call for desperate measures! Did your nail varnish remover contain acetone ?
    I am surprised but pleased to hear that it didnt damage the leather. But do condition it with leather conditioner to treat it.

  6. I used this nail polish remover, I bought it from The Netherlands while traveling. It is acetone free.

  7. No it does not contain acetone. Thanks for the tip I will be sure to condition the leather, do you have any recommendations concerning a product I could use?

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  8. I will keep this in mind since I have a light pink double flap which I wore once with jeans for 5mins and now has blue going across the side .
  9. I use furniture clinic's leather conditioner on mine but collonil's is good too. Those are the brands I am familiar with in the UK. Hth!
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  10. Thanks for sharing your experiences
  11. OMG I would've been so nervous that it would damage the leather but congrats!! Looks great, and I agree with others to condition the leather well after this.
  12. Wow, you're a brave woman. I wouldn't have dared to! I'm glad this has worked on your bag, still not sure if I would do the same :smile:
    I would absolutely condition your bag as was advised previously because the nail polish remover can be drying.
  13. Oh wow, that worked out great :tup:. I've never thought of cleaning caviar with nail polish remover (you're indeed brave like Elsbeth said), I thought it was only for patent leather.
    I usually clean my bags with Meltonian leather lotion (works great on lambskin too) and Apple leather cleaner.
  14. Did you apply with cotton ball? Did you dab it on or wipe? Thanks
  15. I used a cotton ball and wiped.