How I protect my CL red soles! *PICS*

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  1. I absolutely adore CL's red soles. For me, the red is what makes the shoes incredibly sexy. I believe it is the unconscious drive for human females to exhibit themselves sexually in an "estrus-like fashion"... but that's a topic for another thread :smartass:. Wow I take way too many anthropology and psychology courses :biggrin:

    So I couldn't bear to ruin the soles. I saw on another thread that women have used the clear sole stopperz. I bought three packs. While it took me and BF an hour and a half, it was totally worth it. It was hard to line up the edges and everything but we took our time and they ended up perfect. This only cost me $20! And my soles will stay red! I did a test run with the big mirror in the hallway and from a distance you can't even tell the bottom is textured, you only see red.


    I have to add that BF was super excited to help. In fact, he demanded to help and took a shoe and did it himself. He loves the red soles as much as I do. His shoe turned out way better than mine! Oh I'm such a lucky girl :love:
  2. Does this affect the grip of the shoes as you walk? Does it make it slippery or change the noise of the heel or anything you've noticed?

    I ask because I got my first pair of CLs yesterday and I dont want to ruin the red sole either :smile:
  3. I have also had the same question. I just bought my 1st 3 Louboutins. I usually put rubber soles on all my good shoes, but I do not know what to do with these since no one has red soles.

    This is a great solution. I can't imagine my husband helping me with a project like that! I think your bf is a keeper! :tup:
  4. They grip the ground better. The treads are textured so they provide a lot more traction than the smooth laquered soles that the CLs come with. I'd recommend this to everyone who wants to protect their CLs while maintaining the red soles.

    Ahhhh! Don't ruin your CLs by putting black rubber soles on them! I know a lady on eBay sells red rubber treads that you can take to your cobbler and have put on. The sole stopperz are cheaper though.

    I know! He loves my designer shoes/bags as much as I do. He certainly appreciates designer goods. He's the one who bought me my new Chloe wedges :biggrin:!
  5. no one is looking at the bottom of your shoes. so long as you can see the red on the heels you're good to go. i wouldn't take the time to maintain the bottom of the shoe.
  6. Yes but she would know. I guess it's sort of like the inside fabric of a designer back being torn - no one would see it, but the owner would know.;)
  7. ^ oops! designer bag, not back :shame:
  8. sorry to ask, but where do you get these stopperz?????
  9. ^ you can get them at Nordstrom or, Amazon also sells them.
  10. Your Louboutins look great. I think that I may have to try those too. In fact it's probably good to put on all my designer shoes becasue most of them have leather soles.
  11. They look great. Can't tell there were several footpetals used.
  12. Looks good.
  13. Love it. what a great idea. I think i will use it on my chloe shoes.
  14. That is such a good idea!
    The first time I wore my only pair of louboutins was in a club on the beach…the red does not look too great now.
    I am due to but my next pair very soon and would love to know where I can buy some of those sole protectors.
    Can anyone send me a link?
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