how i make a bun

  1. okay, this is going to require several posts i think, and there will be 9 images, so after 9 images you'll know i'm done and can respond if you have any questions.

    you'll need some styling cream and old-fashioned hair pins (not bobby pins)

    i wash and condition my hair and apply some leave-in conditioner and let it air dry entirely (any natural wave you can keep will help in holding the pins in). i like to wash my hair at night and then sleeping on damp or even newly-washed dry hair seems to take some of the frizz out - if you use a leave-in conditioner or styling cream, like fekkai's glossing cream.
    in the morning, or when hair is entirely and thoroughly dry, add a styling cream with a small amount of hold. i like fresh's Hair Cream.

    1. take a small blob of hair cream and
    2. really slather it on your hands so that it doesn't just clump on to sections of your hair.
    3. run your hands over your hair and then through, lightly touching the top and sides, and the bulk of the hair - this will help it stay in the bun later.
    4. let hair sit for a second while the cream settles.
    bun1.jpg bun2.jpg bun3.jpg bun4.jpg
  2. 1. gather your hair as if you are going to make a ponytail - gather it at the placement where you will want the bun to ultimately sit (high, low, in the middle), then twist and twist and twist and as the hair gets tighter it will naturally pull towards your head and
    2. you will have formed a little donut (the tighter you twist your hair, the smaller the bun, the looser you grasp it, the bigger, though match the looseness with the amount of product you're willing to use, as if the bun is too loose, you might need hairspray) - hold it in place with one hand and pick up a pin with the other.
    3. insert pin through a small amount of hair in the outer part of the bun, closest to your scalp, but facing away from the center of the bun (counterintuitive i know, but stay with me). once you've put it maybe an inch through the hair in this direction,
    4. turn it around (lifting the top up and the two "teeth" of the pin down towards your head) so that the "teeth" are now facing the center of the bun and the pin is aiming to be close to your scalp, the way you would secure a bobby pin in your hair, close to your head.
    5. push it all the way in.

    repeat the pinning as needed around the bun. i put 1 pin each, north, south, east and west, and then an additional pin between each of those 4 points, for a total of 8.
    the cool thing is that with the right products, at the end of the day, if you take out the bun, you have very nice waves.
    bun5.jpg bun6.jpg bun7.jpg bun8.jpg bun9.jpg
  3. ps, i actually took these pictures backwards, as i was taking out my bun (though i staged the positioning of the pin to illustrate exactly how i put it in) - so the picture of the hair down is actually how my hair looks after it's been in a bun all day.
  4. thanks for the post.
  5. :smile: it was a special request from another poster.
  6. Hey, it looks great! Thanks for the instructions, and for your time. :smile: I can't wait to make my own bun!
  7. what do you do w/ the ends? I always do these same steps when I wear a bun, but it's hit or miss if mine turns out because the ends of my hair can make it look all jacked up sometimes.
  8. Thanks HiHeels
  9. using the styling cream keeps uneven layers in the bun itself for the most part. if you mean the very end, the end of the would-be-pony that you are twisting, i tuck that in before i start pinning.:flowers:
  10. Thank you so much. I can never get it to work.
  11. they make shorter hair pins as well, if you want to make a smaller bun (like just half up) or have very very fine hair. the longer your hair, the easier. it's a very easy alternative to look like you made an effort, and i like that unlike barretts, there are no added accessories.
  12. interesting post...thanks hiheels!
  13. Do you mean all the loose little pieces that stick up? When I do my daughter's bun for dance, I always put one of those invisible-type hairnets on it and that helps tame down any stray pieces.
  14. if she does - that's where the styling cream comes in. but also having hair that's longer pretty much eliminates that.
    also, a slightly disheveled bun is very cool - i mean for an adult, not for dance classs of course. :yes:
  15. I have very long hair, past the middle of my back and it's super thick. . . I meant the tips, the very ends, sometimes they stay tucked in, sometimes not.