How I know the Balenciaga bags are awesome!

  1. Unlike other logo designer bags, you've to know Balenciaga to ID the bags. It's one of the reasons I like them so much. They're so understated yet unique.

    Recently, I had lunch with one of my girlfriends. She's an outdoorsy girl who doesn't care a bit about her apperance/outfit, let alone shoes or handbags. I was completely surprised when she noticed the bag and commented on how much she liked the bag (a Cognac box). Anyway, it's just an ultimate test for me.... to have somone so "objective" fall in love w/ the bag. It's enough for me! :smile:
  2. Great story, I cant wait to go my first Balenciaga.
  3. I sold my Emerald City, and my boyfriend (super straight, never notices my clothes) says out of nowhere, "Where did your really pretty green bag go?" I couldn't believe he'd even noticed it, never mind cared enough to miss it!
  4. like i said on the other thread, they SHINE even without the logos around! i really really reeeeeaaaaaaaaaaallly love the style of bbags. ive checked out all the other styles of other premier designers but balenciaga beats them all! hehehe.
  5. Yes! My non-purse-loving friend loves my Balenciaga. She's a hard sell, too, so I know that it's fab!
  6. For me it was when I used my brother's account to sell off my Vert D'Eau City and he commented on how "pretty" the bag is! LOL. He never says stuff like that!
  7. WOW my BF would never say anything like that!
  8. I feel the same way. I have an emerald city and a gf of mine who never carrys a bag told me that she loved my green bag. Also, I find that when I carry my cognac bag I get tons of people asking about it b/c it is neutral enough to appeal to many, but richer than most brown bags! Great thread!
  9. Me too, my dh thinks my jaune day is very cool.

  10. My DH would do the same...and would champoin the bag as if it was his best friend, and would inquire why I let it go... They are simply lame!:p
  11. I experienced the same thing w/ my Aunt. She'd never been so taken w/ one of my bags before (a Rouge Theatre City), and that was before she had even heard of Balenciaga's existence. (Thanks to that bag, she's now a devoted fan of Balenciaga! :biggrin: )
  12. I was able to convert my LV- and Gucci-loving friend to Balenciaga. It didn't take much to convince her, all she had to do was touch the leather!
  13. i agree with apple_28! balenciaga's leather is beyond any comparison

    well i think LV would be more durable. the epi ones are nice actually. i hate the logos all over the bags. but i guess some people like it. ^^;;

    i bought one fendi. but maybe it was lamb's skin. thats why it needs extra care. i m so afraid of getting it dirty wherever i carry her. it's not quite practical but balenciaga is actually my favorite thus far.