How I Got My First H... (REVEAL!)

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  1. hi fellow tpfers! i just got back from a business trip to taiwan and came home (unexpectedly) with my first ever piece from Hermes! since i got back (less than 24 hours ago), i've been having such a great time browsing all the REVEAL threads that i thought i'd post my own...:shame:

    hope i can do this right! :sweatdrop:
  2. Exciting!
  3. show! show!
  4. my story begins at an upscale department store in taipei, where DH and i took a stroll so i could check out the new fall designer goodies. i honestly didn't plan on making any purchases but a beautiful grey tote at chanel caught my eye. it was love at first sight, but i decided to wait it out until the next day since i'd forgotten to bring my passport anyway, which i needed to apply for a VAT refund. so we walked out empty handed...

    ...but not before stopping by the H boutique for a quick browse, whereupon DH marveled at the craftsmanship of some of the pieces on display.

    "why don't you get something from here?" DH asked incredulously, "this place is so much better."

    i shrugged and began looking around, but the SA eyed me suspiciously, as if there was no way i was a serious customer - me being in shorts and an old model LV noe. she literally stuck her nose in the air and began rearranging the displays as if i wasn't there. a minute later, i dragged DH out of the store...
  5. More!!
  6. And? And? :sweatdrop:
  7. Ooooh!!! I always love a story!!
  8. the next day, before we had to catch an evening flight home, my cousin accompanied me back to the chanel boutique while DH perused a nearby bookstore. a couple of quick modeling sessions in front of the mirror later, i handed over my amex and sealed the deal. DH smiled when we picked him up in the taxi and saw my huge shopping bag, happy that i was so excited about my purchase.

    that is, until i pulled it out at the airport and modeled it for him. under the harsh fluorescent lights, DH examined my beautiful new chanel and WINCED.

    "are you sure this is what you want honey?" he asked slowly, not wanting to offend me but obviously not impressed. "why don't we take a look through duty free and see if there's anything else you might like instead?"

    crestfallen, (but not opposed to the idea of more shopping!) i agreed to take a look around.
  9. WOW - your DH is an enabler too!! That's great!!!!!!!!! More story please!!
  10. I've been waiting for an oppurtunity to use this smilie :popcorn:
  11. woah!!!
  12. we passed by the celine, YSL, tod's, and gucci boutiques without so much as a glance in, and there, towards the end of the walkway, in all its orange glory, was the H boutique. DH nearly dragged me in.

    "ahh...smell that," DH whispered, closing his eyes and literally inhaling the subtle but intoxicating scent of leather. "this is what i'm talking about!" (lol)

    not knowing much at all about H other than that one reaches the pinnacle of bag collecting once one owns a birkin (or twelve), i hesitantly asked the SA whether they had one in stock. a birkin, that is.

    she blinked at me twice, and then very sweetly and gently replied, "no, we don't happen to carry those at this time."

    and then she was so helpful, patient, and kind, that when DH requested to take a look at the simple but beautiful <insert name of item here>, i couldn't help but to feel relaxed and happy. suddenly, i was definitely in the mood for a little H in my life!
  13. forty-five minutes later, with less than 15 minutes until boarding, DH and i walked out of the H boutique, him with a humongous orange bag in tow, and me with an equally large smile on my face.

    i loved my new purchase so much that i proceeded to empty out all the contents of my noe into it, later regretting that i did so since the flight attendant physically forced me to put it "under the seat in front of me" during take-off and landing - this almost hurt me to do it! lol
  14. anyway, without further ado, let me present to you my first (and so far only) H baby, asleep in her crib after a long and exhausting flight.

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  15. Can't wait to see what you got!