How I fell in love.....

  1. Ladies..when and how did your love affair start with LV? As I am reading the many posts, I started to wonder and take a trip down memory lane.

    With me, I remember when I was about 10 or 12, my mom and friends were hanging out on the couch with their LV bags talking about everything and anything. I loved to sneak up on them and listen without their knowledge. At first I thought..what weird looking bags but as I grew up and saw them through the years...the bags never lost that well made and rich look and feel to them. They had those bags for at least 10 years and I always just remember thinking, it looks so classy. Even though I never ended up liking the monogram...the Damier just does it for me. I really feel that the LV is like no other, the quality is so outstanding!

    The thing that bothers me is the fact that I dont see many people carry their "old" LV bags, its always new. maybe because I live here in Los Angeles where the latest and greates changes everyday. When I find a lovely lady with an old LV, I stop and always say hello.
    :tender: Ahhhh memories...
  2. I was in France last year on exchange and lots of my host-mums had designer handbags and I started getting fascinated...then the cerises speedy ad came out in the French Glamour magazine and I fell head over heels:love: ...
  3. My love affair started about six months ago. I was looking for an orange handbag, and I stumbled into the LV website. Until that time, I do not ever recall hearing the name Louis Vuitton. If I had heard it in my younger days, it meant nothing to me. After researching the handbags and reading this forum, I started purchasing LV bags. I figure "better late than never".
  4. When the cherry blossom line first came out, I saw the pink cherry blossom pochette and fell in love with it instantly. I couldn't afford it back then as I was still in junior high school...but after turning 18 this year, I got myself a credit card, searched on eBay and bought the pochette. I thought it would be over, that I really only wanted the CB pochette, but then I started looking at other LV bags as well...I also have lots of coworkers who carry lots of LV and they persuaded me into starting to buy monogram pieces...and I've been hooked since!
  5. Ladies I feel old! I have loved Louie since the mid 1970's! I got my first bag in the early 90s, but didn't start my collection until recently.
  6. I blame Sex and the City... actually I blame S&TC for getting me into designer fashion, period. lol!!
  7. After recieving one for a college grad gift early 80's.
    My only other love affair other than my husband!!!..:blush::heart:
  8. I fell in love and bought an LV bag 18 years ago:smile: The bag obsession started last year and still going:P
  9. Yup, Sex & the City was a major factor for me as well. What is funny is that I hated both S&TC and LV at first sight, but later, when all of the hype died down, I started to like both.
  10. I have been eyeing the bags for a very long time but can't really remember how long but someone always talked me out of getting one claiming I liked another bag better. :rant: Now I wish I didn't listen.
  11. The first time I saw a real LV was when my uncle from the Philippines came to visit us. I think he had a was so beautiful. I never bothered to go into the LV store because the SAs there stare you up and down and were so intimidating. When I went to the Philippines earlier this year, my uncle took my sister and I out...he had everything Louis Vuitton. He's hilarious...he's a famous singer there in the Philippines and he said that he likes LV because the monogram is his initials. He had a coin holder, wallet, cell phone case, and all this other stuff. He's the one that took me into the LV store into the Philippines...hehehehe, I didn't feel intimidated in there coz I was with someone famous. Ever since then, I've been lusting after LV I have no problem going into the LV stores to look at the beautiful bags.
  12. My aunt (mom's sister) had always had LV's and Chanels so growing up I knew what it was even though my mom can care less about designer bags and such. I was never really into it until I was 16 years old when all my friends had expensive bags. Everyone started with LV so after I got my first designer bag (it was LV of course) at the age of 17, its become an addiction ever since.
  13. Thank you for sharing you stories....It feels that much more special to share a passion with so many others....I luv luv this forum!!!
  14. I was into designer bags, but I had reservations about LV. My main reasons were that there were (and still are) a lot of fakes out there, and coated canvas sounded icky to me. I joined the Purse Forum, and I had the opportunity to see pics of members' bags and ask questions. The enthusiasm of the LV lovers on this forum is contagious! I finally broke down and bought an LV billfold. The minute I pulled it out of the box, it was love at first sight. :heart: :heart: :heart:
  15. Yea, I know what you mean. I got a bit more into Prada b/c of the Prada forum here...hee hee. But its a great place to share and the information given is really valuable!

    Before I bought my own LV, the fakes did bother me abit. But once you purchase the real thing..its really no comparison. The quality is what LV is all about (not to mention the stlyles..such classics) so the fake is just that, a fake. Actually, I will go far as to say that carring a fake might be embarrasing at times. Once you know and own the LV, the fake looks very fake. Even if its a super fake one..from afar it might look alright but up close it is not right. I had one of those moments many times..not that I look down on people for doing it...its a personal choice.