How I ended up with 2 new LV bags within a Week (PICS)

  1. So...Last week I made a post about the purchase of my first ever LV bag. I bought myself a Mono Speedy 30 last Monday. I had been saving up to buy myself a LV bag for a very long time, and I never imagined I would be getting 2 LV bags within a week of each other. Here's is what happened....

    Last Monday after I bought my Speedy I stopped by my parents house to show it off. They have known about my obsession for a LV bag for a long time and they new I had been saving up my money for one, so they were very excited for me when I came over with my new bag. On Thursday my Dad called me from Las Vegas (he was there on a business trip) and told me he had got me some things from the LV that would go with my new bag.

    So, he gave me my new LV things today when he came over and he got me a Koala Wallet and a Key and Change Holder. I was SOOO excited, but when I saw what he paid for them I started to feel horrible. For the price of those two things alone I could have bought myself a new LV bag.... So, my Dad told me, that if I wanted to I could change them in for anything I wanted.

    I thought about it a bit then decided I would got to Saks and have a look around. To make a long story short, I ended up at the LV counter at Saks FOREVER, trying on all these different bags. I wanted to get a shoulder bag this time, and one that was in the same price range as the two items my dad got me.

    I was really liking the Mono Bucket but I really don't have the funds to pay for the difference....SO, I ended up getting the Mono Petit Noe.

    I really really love it. I think I might ask for an agenda that I can use as a wallet for Christmas, although I think the Noe is a early X-Mas present :P. I just can't believe I went from having no designer bags (besides RL and D&B) to having 2 LV bags within a week. Crazy...:nuts: :yahoo:

    Here are some pictures. Sorry so blurry...Oh, btw, I'm 6ft just so you get the idea of the size next to me.
    10.jpg 9.jpg 13.jpg 11.jpg
  2. YEah! CONGRATS! What a nice haul! They look great on you!
  3. Awww.. how effing cute!!! Congrats!
  4. Awww what a sweet dad! Congrats on your new bags!!
  5. Oh those are so great! Love both of your new purchases. Congrats!
  6. :yahoo: WOW...Congratulations :yahoo:
    How jealous...two LV bags within a week :nuts:
    Absolutely, so awesome on you :love:
  7. Congrats and it's so nice of your dad to get you some additional goodies :flowers:
  8. :nuts: Congrats!!! Looks great on you:yes: and an excellent choice!
  9. your bags..
  10. You lucky girl! Its cool how your Dad hopped on the LV wagon with you.
  11. How sweet of your Dad and how exciting for you!!! Two LV's in one week!! :yahoo: ( Great choices BTW)
  12. Congrats! I love the mono petit noe, it is so cute!
  13. i want a dad like that
  14. Congrats!
  15. congrats... p.s. you are soooo pretty :smile: