How I became a Minkoff Addict *Reveals!*

  1. Kenzi both of your new babies are so gorgeous! Congrats!!
  2. BBW w/ brass HW & blue zipper track came in today !
    Purchased off eBay. It's nice & broken in :smile:
    image-2827681516.jpg image-2834109828.jpg image-3088840565.jpg
  3. It looks great kenzibray!!
  4. bag twins! i think mine is from the same batch. i purchased mine pre-owned in fall 2009, but i did some research and believe it's from a spring 2008 special order. i love mine to bits. enjoy yours :smile:
  5. Thank You!! I do love it. I feel like I've been tiptoeing around with my new Eggplant MAM because I haven't treated it yet. But this one is already so nice & broken in I don't feel like I have to ;)
  6. I laughed when I saw that you are tiptoeing around with your eggplant MAM. Im doing the same with my Plum MAM. ;)
  7. Haha I feel like I'm doing that with all my "new" ones. And the eggplant is just so pretty! But I feel like it will show scratches & stuff pretty easily. It rained the other day when I was out with it and I was more worried about IT getting wet than me! I had to look like a crazy person covering my bag with a sweater!!
  8. FINALLY got a black MAC W/ blue zipper track. I love it! Got it for an amazing price on eBay because the loop was broken. But she goes out tomorrow to get fixed up. I carried her as a clutch over the weekend she matches my new blue suede pumps perfectly! The leather is so smooth and perfect. Only drawback was no Dustbag. So if anyone has an extra ... ;)
    image-1046124800.jpg image-1231118016.jpg
  9. Gorgeous! Your collection is growing so beautifully! I have a MAC with a broken loop too, did RM quote you a price and how long to ship/return to you?
  10. They actually didn't list a price at all. But the return time is 7-30 days. They have a repair form online under "policies" that you attach pictures and someone will get back to you if they are able to.
  11. I guess my new RM shoes count as part of my collection as well ;) another eBay find. They're actually 1/2 size down from what I normally wear but for the price I couldn't pass them up. And theyre a little snug but they'll work. I might not be running any marathons with them but .. Oh well.
  12. Couple of new additions!!

    My Dark Brown MAC w/ Gold Hardware.
    Finally took some decent pictures while waiting for class to start. There were a few others floating around but these give you a better view ;)

    It's still available here at Bloomingdale's along with Teal & Black


    And here is the nylon tote I won in RM's Instagram Weekly Pic (Wednesday Afternoons so keep you eyes out!)
  13. Gorgeous pieces! :smile:
  14. My new (to me) RM iPad case in grape. I was using the Smart Cover and a sleeve when stored but I love this because it stores it and protects while I'm using it. Gorgeous color too!!

    And on an off note - the iPhone 5 camera takes MUCH better pictures than my 4 did
  15. Love the eggplant shade!