How Hungry are you?

  1. Would you not eat for a week for the "Bag I would Die for"????
    Nothing but water!

    I'd do it in a second. But I have alot of reserve...LOL
    Then I'd go on out, get A Chloe Paddington. My second choice would then depend on if I wanted Steak or Pasta...LOL
  2. I'd do it for 2...:biggrin:..........seriously...
  3. I agree with Khoi. Hell, I'd do it for the physical limit of most people (40 days) if the bag is right ! :biggrin:
  4. for answer, see signature. :smile:

    seriously though, lose weight and get a bag? heck freaking yeah. :smile:

  5. What she said! :nuts:
  6. Now to find someone to sponser us on our Voluntary Hunger Strike. I like the Starve for one week...Get a Bag. Then Eat for one week. Then Starve for one week...Get a bag. Heck, that's 26 bags a year!
  7. I'd definatley starve for a bag
  8. me toooo!! although ud have to chain me away from the food.. would so do it for a spy!!

  9. I wonder if we can partner up with lucky magazine??:lol::biggrin:
  10. lol count me in.
  11. I love bags, but I definitely love food more! ^____^
  12. It would have to be a reaaaaaaaalllly expensive bag for me to put myself through that torture. Like Birkin expensive....Ostrich Birkin expensive.
  13. Sure, I would do it anytime. Hmmm, it might be a problem to explain to my family why they had to starve to get me a new bag, don't think hubby & kids would be thrilled - in fact I'm pretty sure my hubby might even consider starving to prevent me from getting another bag...;)
  14. I'd have to agree w/ her!!

  15. I think I may die if I starve myself longer than 12 hours just coz my sugar level will go down and... so I guess I would pass.. I will just try to find another way to get the bag without me having to starve for it.. coz what's the point of having a really nice bag if u r dead, right?
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