How HTF was the reissue navy patent with GH?

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  1. I am just wondering how sought after the navy patent reissue with gold hardware was when they came out in 2007 cruise?Were they as popular as the metallic navy/metallic dark red this season?
    I wasn't into Chanel then so just want to hear from you all who've been into the brand since.
  2. I don't think it created a craze like the metallics did.
  3. i think Larkie made it famous!
    we all loved hers & her blush patent...
  4. Thankx japskivt.

    joansie I think what larkie has is a patent classic flap,not reissue.
  5. I know it sells very quickly whenever I see one on Ebay.
  6. I was not Chanel crazed when my SA first offered me this reissue in a 226 along with the black one (back in Feb 07). It didn't seem at the time that the bags were hot since she had two in the store ready to offer to me, a walk in customer. Or maybe Chanel made more.

    With the metallics, it seems that Chanel made a limited number which is creating the HTF feeling. On the other hand, there are a lot of the metallics on offer at eBay...
  7. I bought my navy patent reissue last year off the shelf at Saks about two months after seeing them on tpf...I was shocked when she had one...but I decided to sell it a few months ago and got exactly what I pad for it and covered my selling someone obviously thought it was valuable...i would have loved to keep it but it jsut wasn;t big enough and i relaly like the sizes on the 08' reissues, they are deeper now and work better for me...