how???? how did i eat like a pig and lose 4 pounds?

  1. so about a month ago, my roommates threw away my scale.

    it was a mistake - while they were out of the apartment for winter break, i moved it into the kitchen because i couldn't get an accurate reading on my slightly uneven bathroom floor. i was trying to get back on track for my diet, so i was weighing myself every morning before i ate to check my progress (i know they say to only weigh yourself once a week, but doing it once every morning keeps me on track better). it worked great, i got back into my old diet habits and lost several pounds.

    one day when i was at work, two of them came home from break and were cleaning up and getting their stuff reorganized. they took out the trash, and since it was on the floor in our small kitchen, they threw the scale away, thinking it was meant to go with the trash.

    this was about a month ago. since then, since i didn't have a scale, i had sort of given myself carte blanche to do whatever. i ate what i wanted - fast food, pizza, fried chicken, sweets, whatever. i was usually healthy one meal per day, usually lunch or breakfast. sometimes both.

    so i got a new scale two days ago, same brand as the last one, and i just got up the nerve this morning to get on it - and i was 4 POUNDS LESS than before my binge! what??? HOW???? i have no idea. i thought maybe the scale was messed up, so i had my roommates test it, and it was right. several people, including my boyfriend, had asked me if i had lost a little weight, but i thought they were just being nice.

    so is there any scientific reason that this might be taking place? anything? because i've been on plenty of successful diets, but i'm stumped on this one.
  2. were you eating so little that you body had gone into starvation mode?
  3. no, i was eatting very healthily - lots of veggies and fruit, low-fat dairy products, lean protein like fish and chicken, whole grains, etc. three small meals plus plenty of snacks in between. i'm very meticulous about how i diet when i diet. by all estimations, i should have stopped losing and started gaining when i changed my eatting habits.
  4. don't knock it if it works! lol.

    honestly, not sure...maybe it just has something to do with not focusing on calories/fat/weight?
  5. I think when you give yourself permission to eat whatever you don't eat as much? If you know you can't have it thats when you want it more?
  6. ur old scale could be faulty.. as simple as that :smile:
  7. i don't think it's an issue with either scale, i knew the previous one was about two pounds heavy because i was on weight watchers at the time and i had something to check it against, and my estimation of weight loss takes that inaccuracy into account.
  8. Hey Amanda,

    This happened to me recently. I gained 20lbs, and desperately tried to lose the weight. Never worked!!! I am currently unemployed and just resting, but I actually lost 8 lbs in about 7 weeks. I didn't exercise and ate whatever I wanted at whatever time I, pasta, chocolate, starbucks, cakes..etc. I was sort of amazed at that too, I can't figure it out..but people have been telling me it's probably because I'm less stressed...???

    I'm not sure if stress has anything to do with it..but's really really weird....
  9. This happens to me too. I'm naturally on the thin side, but I usually do have to watch what I eat to some extent. But every once in a while (maybe twice a year) for no apparent reason, I seem to go through a spell where my metabolism is super high. During these spells, I can eat large quantities of whatever I want and still lose weight. I can't explain it, but it does happen to me too.:shrugs: