How Hot?? Redddd Hot!!!

  1. My very first Chloe bag....a red Paddington...arrived yesterday!!

    It is absolutely DIVVVINEEE....the color is gorgeous and the leather is sooo buttery soft.

    It's a pain in the ass to use (so may layers and the heavy lock) but oh well, totally worth it just because it's so beautiful! Lol. But totally goes with her color..high maintenance, right? Heheheh. :lol:

    I got her from a WONDERFUL tPFer who also send me a cute gift that will be going onto my lonely bbag (my "L" keychain from another lovely tPFer from RAOK has now migrated to my actual keys keychain) as well as the prettiest little card! What a sweettie!!!

    Without further ado...



  2. OMG an 05 rouge!!!!! GORGEOUS! Enjoy!
  3. Beautiful - congrats!!
  4. Oh that is LOVELY. 05s are just stunning - well done, well done! I am JEALOUS lol.
  5. Beautiful color - gorgeous bag! congratulations! :tup:
  6. congrats...very nice!
  7. Thanks everyone!! I looooovvveee it! I think I've opened up Pandora's box. lol......I've got my eyes on a few other colors, too now...
  8. Good luck with your upcoming chloe addiction!
  9. Congrats on your paddy! I love the color as well. ;)

    I got mine (06 Whiskey) a couple weeks ago, and I can't stop using her!
  10. love it! Was it the same seller that had the Blue Nuit?
  11. gorgeous! Congrats
  12. She's a beauty! I can almost feel how soft she is just by looking.
  13. Woweee!!! total congratulations. You're dead on with the layers of velvet leather and the heavy lock. Getting into a buttery Paddy can be challenging but man so worth it.

    I go to a bible study on Friday nights and tonight I was carrying my Paddy. One of the girls there said that it was rather squishy looking. I asked her if that was a bad thing in which she replied, "Your bag is the coolest purse I've ever seen!" I was a little taken back (although I don't know why) and just said thank you.:shame:
  14. :woohoo: Your bag is HAUT!
    And it looks great on you! Congrats!
  15. IT is beautiful... enjoy her!