How hot is this? Pic of Azur Sayela MM w/Envelope Pouch + SS Bag Info

  1. My new baby just arrived in the mail. :yahoo: How HOT does it look with the perle envelope pouch (I bought it yesterday at the boutique when I went to a spring preview party). I can't wait for the weather to turn warmer so I can take it out!


    I fell in love with the envelope pouch after seeing it and it's soo functional. You can insert cc's in the front pocket and cash in the interior slot pocket. I love the 2 heart purses I got, but I can get more mileage out of the pouch.

    Other news, I posted this review in the spring/summer recap thread in the Reference Library:

    Ok, I just went to a spring/summer preview show yesterday at my boutique, here are just some of my thoughts/info on the bags:

    - They had several of the dentelle pieces there and I got to see the speedy w/silver lace in person. I absolutely LOVE it. I'm already on the list and can't wait to get it. The show pieces on the other hand, not feeling them. I also saw the dentelle organizer wallet (in gold/silver lace), not impressed.

    - The lambskin slouchy embossed bags, the leather is extremely soft and supple and the color is a cross between a soft grey and a soft pink. Very creamy. The price is on the high side, around $4,000.

    - Denim patchwork bags, I saw the speedy 30 and the big bowler tote. Personally, they're not my style. It has a very distressed look. I took my name off the list. Oh, the lining is cute, it's floral patterns inside. The speedy had a cell pocket and an open pocket on one side.

    - The button bag was there too and it didn't catch my eye either. The "tinkerbell" model is apparently already sold out and won't be shipped to the stores.

    - Going through the look book, I wasn't that impressed with the hampstead or the sporty. I asked to be notified about the hampstead just in case it looks good in person. The dune color for the mini lin is a nice creamy ivory, but I think I'd be nervous about stains.

    - I also asked about the sophie and the manager said that they are not coming to the continental U.S. :crybaby:

    So, my final verdict is (just my opinion) I'm getting the dentelle speedy and maybe the BH too. Want to see in person, the Hampstead GM and Mono Rivets GM.
  2. Love it! Congrats!
  3. that's so HOT thanks for the updates
  4. Gorgeous new things and great recap! Thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  5. congrats on the new additions! they're beautiful! Thanks for the info from the preview show!!
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  8. Love your new items. Perle looks so classy with the azur.
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  11. I love it!!!:yahoo: Congrat's I can't wait to see you model it..
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  13. Congrats, loving all your gorgeous new goodies!
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  15. Love your new stuff! Looks great! Thanks for the info on the bags! :yes: