How HOT is it where you are today?

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  1. I am in Los Angeles and it is 112 DEGREES right now. Haven’t seen this kind of heat since I lived in Scottsdale.
  2. Well, if you want to escape the heat... (‘course that’s in celsius, eh?)
    Oh, and don’t put your skis away just yet - we’re open for another 8 days. :wave:

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  3. I wish it was in celsius! 112 FAHRENHEIT!

    EIGHT MORE DAYS?!? I hate you.

    (Its 88 degrees F and muggy in Big Bear...we have to be down here in LA right now unfortunately )
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  4. I'm in winter weather ATM & Loving every minute of it!! :happydance::happydance::happydance:

    On the flip side, Summer here is BRUTAL!!! :yucky: :yucky: And it's only 4+ Months away!! It can reach 50+!! :faint:
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  5. Winter weather too!
  6. Dubai 43
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  7. IMG_1530923887.049979.jpg and only getting hotter
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  8. Not hot in Sydney.
    Overcast and 13 C at 4pm today with gusty SW winds
    Snowing in the Australian alps (where the winds are coming from)
  9. It got down to 96 degrees F last night.
  10. Are you at a ski resort? So jealous!!!!
  11. It is 86 F / 30 C from where I am right now. Although there's a supertyphoon coming. So the coming days will be wet and humid!
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  12. On my way to 105 F. It may be “dry” heat but it’s still too hot!
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  13. We’re cooling off. Its only supposed to get to 102 today!
  14. It's a little more tolerable today. I feel bad for anyone that needs to work outdoors (esp firefighters).
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  15. We didn’t get to the projected 105 yesterday....but we did get to 101. Based on that, I’m hoping today’s prediction of 102 only hits 98. Fingers crossed.
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