How hot does this look?

  1. Okay, maybe "hot" is not the right term, but the Miranda does look very classy with this turnlock oblong scarf. :tup:
    miranda with scarf.JPG scarf4.JPG
  2. I think "hot" is a good word.........
  3. I think you mean HAWT! jk what a greatttt bag.
  4. WOW! I think that looks awesome and HOT! :yes:
  5. WOW love it
  6. It looks really smart. Love it.
  7. For those of you still on the fence about the Bordeaux Miranda, I say GRAB it. Yes, the bag is heavy, but it is so beautiful. I think it will look smashing for fall and winter.
  8. I have been "off" Coach for awhile. Their bags were beginning to look the same only the material was changing. But this new Miranda is beautiful! I saw it IRL on the weekend and it is one classy bag! Yes indeed i would say it is hot!
  9. :yes: Yes, and very classy too.

    I Love your baby kitten photo Minimouse!!:tender:
  10. BEAUTIFUL!! I :heart::heart::heart: that scarf.
  11. That looks really nice. I really want that scarf in the cream color.
  12. Ooooo yea.. that looks good. Real good. A little TOO good! Stop making me want things!!! :hysteric:

  13. I totally agree!!! Excellent combo (now I'm going to pretend I didn't see this:graucho:)
  14. fabulous! :heart:
  15. TOTALLY hot!