How Horrible are these Choos?

  1. Just be sure to wear panties when you wear those shoes......
  2. LMAO:roflmfao:
  3. Those really are awful :throwup:

    Maybe the eyes are like that so when you cross your ankles they look normal :shrugs:
    Or maybe (if they're fake, which I hope they are) it's just an example of "made in China" quality.
  4. Those look terrible.
    It'd be odd to look down at your feet and see two eyes looking back at you.
  5. it scares me.....
  6. Those pumps are CRAPTACULAR! :wtf: I hope they are fake, cuz they frighten me. I've seen another pair of Choos on eBay in this style, but with a bulldog photo on each shoe. Those were hideous too.

  7. :nuts: I agree, they are craptacular! I love that word. And they freak me out. I might wear them for halloween maybe.
  8. woah...weird...:throwup:
  9. That was so scary. I can't believe there are multiple bids. I'd be scared to wear those.
  10. Very horrible!!!
  11. Omg those are scary-creepy!
  12. Hhhmm.......they couldn't pay me to wear those shoes. OK, maybe if they'd pay me a pair of spectacular Choos, I might consider it.

  13. Those are gross.
    But it does say 1996 vintage, kinda explains haha.

  14. Yesterday I saw a pair of silver ballerina with a big mouth in silver... they could be sisters!!!!! :wtf: