How high maintenance are you?????

  1. OK ladies (and gents!!) what beauty rituals do you engage in, and how often?

    I will start:

    Manicures: once every week (I like my nails short)
    Pedicures: once every two weeks
    Highlights/trim: once every 6-8 weeks
    Hair glaze: once every 6-8 weeks
    Kerastase in-salon conditioning treatment: once every 6-8 weeks
    Bikini wax: once every 6 weeks:sweatdrop: :crybaby:

    I am also thinking of getting my eye lashes and brows dyed...My eye lashes are pretty light and my eye brows are BLONDE!! You can hardly see them unless I put my Smashbox Brow Tech on!!:Push:
  2. Must have my toes/feet done weekly during the summer/sandal season
    Nails bi weekly, I have fake nails and they are a must.
    Hair every 7 weeks, for re touch and trim.
    Facial every 6 weeks ( i get my brows tinted too when i have my facial.

  3. Highlights -- every 6 weeks
    Roots -- every 3 weeks
    Trim -- every 6 weeks
    Facial -- every 4 weeks
    Manicure and Pedicure -- every 2 weeks in the warm weather.
    Eyebrows professionally shaped -- every 2 weeks
  4. Yikes, I am very low maintenance:

    hair: I stopped relaxing (chemically straightening) my hair years ago and o've been braiding my own hair for the past two years. I braid every couple of months.

    nails: ditto i stopped getting nail wrpans now, I file and polish when I feel the need to: no set routine

    feet: I do self pedicures with my footspa electic mani-pedi tools

    facial: Reimd me what that is, lol! I had a facial in New York back in 2005. Normally I just apply a face mask at home.

    eyebrows: I've had them doen about three times in my life. I think it's the one thing I should make an effort to do more often
  5. Low maintenance here also!:yes:

    Nails: I have natural nails and like them short and neat. I file, buff, and shape every wk. (Sometimes more often) But leave them unpolished. Clip as needed.*

    Feet: I do a pedicure myself every 2 wks. Use pumice stone to soften heels, etc. Then file, buff, shape nails, etc. Also unpolished. Clip as needed.*

    *(Sometimes if I do wear polish I'll wear clear, or lightly tinted clear pink, or clear w/ glitter. This is on both nails, and toes).

    Hair: I don't dye or tint my hair. No Highlights, frosting, etc. I'll probably tint my hair once I get "grey" hairs. LOL!! Until natural.

    My last haircut was this past Aug. I'm definitely due for one now. But I don't have a set schedule. When I see it's getting a bit long, then I go.;)

    Bikini line...I take care of that myself.:shame:

    As far as make up goes...concealer under my eyes, use a eyelash curler, mascara, blush, powder compact (to take off the shine), and that's it. Occasional clear lip gloss. I try/like my overall look to be as natural as possible. (Ex. Jennifer Garner look, Mandy Moore-ish).

  6. I don't think I'm too high maintenance...

    I get a haircut every 6-8 weeks w/ bang trims every 2-3 weeks. :yes:

    Only get pedicures during summer when I wear sandals/open toe shoes (every 2-3 weeks). No manicures for me because I always chip my nails after the first day.

    Get my eyebrows tweezed every 4 weeks, but now that I found a facialist I like, I just book a facial every 4 weeks and she does the eyebrow shaping as well (included in the facial).
  7. Hair:
    Extensions every six months mostly, But they are out this time for a good while.
    Highlights & tint: every five to six at the most weeks.
    Cut: Most times depends.
    Nails.Acrylics most times , I do them myself because I'm a trained in acrylic nails & I'm also a Beautician.:yahoo: So I do mostly do all my own work, Which is well handy for me.:nuts: Along with my pedicure,eyebrows, waxing ouccchhhh!!..eyebrowsand tanning.
  8. I am ridiculously low maintenance. I go makeup free for weeks, my nails are cut short, my hair is in a constant state of disarray. I do get pedicures regularly though. :biggrin:
  9. Low maintenance. My indulgence and necessity is a massage every 2-3 weeks. I have arthritis and fibro and it helps tremendously.

    Pedicures before vacations, too.
  10. hmm..I get pedicures when there is a special event, cut my hair when I travel to different cities (once every 6 months?) and get my eyebrows waxed every 3 months..tha'ts about it :smile:
  11. im more ridiculously low maintainance than sonya. LOL.

    i get haircut every 6 months. i once had my hair grow about a year and a half, and it's all the way my tushie. :lol:

    mani/pedi - i clean my own. i don't want anybody to take out my cuticle. coz i know if i start doing that, i need to do it regularly. so i paint my nails and toes (and clean too every 2-3 weeks).
  12. gel nails every 3 weeks
    hair dye every 3-4 weeks
    pedicure myself whenever necessary
    facial...that reminds me I have to visit my beautician...
  13. Ridiculously low maintenance: I keep my nails natural. I just trim them when the get too long. I only cut my hair when I notice the ends splitting. I don't do anything special to my feet. I just keep my toe nails trimmed.
  14. nails-i do myself (file,polish)
    pedi- once or twice in the summer and the rest of the year i mantain myself
    haircut once every 8 weeks
    eyesbrow shaping- every 2-3 weeks
    waxing- once a month
  15. I do many of these things myself but I think I'm high maintenance.

    Hair - color/trim 6 - 8 weeks

    Nails - I usually do myself but will get them done professionally once in awhile or for an ocassion.

    Pedicures - I get them every 2 weeks for about 6 months out of the year and then I take care of it the rest of the time. I live at the beach, so I keep them looking pretty good.

    Eyebrows - I do myself because I had a brow waxing accident many years ago. Although, they're getting lighter and I have to wear my Brow Tech daily now.

    Waxing - I don't do any of it. I used to but I didn't have the time or the money to shell out. I shave and I do it almost everyday. So, I don't get a lot of growth because I do it so often.

    Of course, I'm always buying tons of hair products and make-up. Probably half of it doesn't do what it's supposed to but I buy it anyway. I buy anything that I think might help me at all. I know it's crazy but I'll be 50 in two years.
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