How high is a high heel?

  1. I know this is always a bit of a question - especially when searching for high heels on the net.

    To me anything lower than 3 1/2 inches is not a high heel. Personally I prefer heels 4 inches and higher.

    What do you think?
  2. 3 inches to me = a high heel

    I'm still learning to walk in them, lol <---- rookie!
  3. ^^^ Ditto~ 3in+
  4. Interesting that has never entered my mind when I am looking at shoes.
  5. I would say at 4 inches, 3 looks medium and average to me, no matter if people can't walk in them or not.

    Visually a roccoco heel looks higher than f.ex. a baroque heel...
  6. I feel anything over 3 1/2" should be considered a high heel.
  7. 3+
  8. About 4" maybe more if it is a platform or a wedge
  9. :yes::yes: