How high could your heels go for this?

  1. Check this out - its from

    Wednesday 6pm to 2am Stiletto Night

    $1 off your drink for every inch of you heel
    Raffle held at 11pm for a pair of designer
    Shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue

    So what do you think you could manage? 4 inches? 5 inches? ....
    I'm thinking this just might be THE place for those new 6 inch pumps I just got - LOL

  2. My rule is that I don't buy anything any higher than 3.5", ever. Anything higher than that is invariably painful for me. So I guess I'll just have to pay the extra couple of bucks for each drink after that. ;)
  3. Aspoint that is awesome! Sounds like so much fun...oh i would definately crack out those 6 inches
  4. That Stiletto Night does sound like fun doesn't it? Do you have 6 inch heels too? What style are they? What is your favorite style of high heels? Mine is the classic pump with high thin stiletto heel and very pointy toe.