How High Are Your Heels ?

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  1. I can wear comfortably between 2inch - 4inch heels daily.
    For going out to functions, parties etc..... i can wear up to 5inchs thats as high as I can go.

    How high are your heels ?
  2. My favorite high heels are close to 10 cm! I only wear them when i go out in summer!
  3. Nothing lower than 4"!!!
  4. 4" is my max.
  5. my favourite ones are probably about 10cm high which is about 3-4 inches
  6. It all depends!

    I currently live in FL, so I'm always in flip flops. I tend to feel slightly self-conscious when wearing heels... like I'm too tall! ( I'm 5'5"). I like flats, but if I'm going to wear heels 3-4 inches are what I do best. :smile:

    I do like how heels make my legs look though, :-P
  7. Ideal for me are 2" kitten heels. I can't walk in anything over 3".
  8. 2" usually, for mobility, 3" max (okay, my YSLs are about 3 1/2"). Anything higher and my ability to move around is too restricted. 2" is a nice workaday height.
  9. The highest pair I own are 4", won't go any higher than that. I wish flip flops were considered professional dress :P
  10. 3 to 3.5" :shame: I'm short.
  11. 3-4".. I'm really tiny so every little bit helps !
  12. i think 4" is my max unless if they are wedges.. then i can do 5"
  13. I'm on my feet all day (chasing kids) so, the average 1" tennis shoes but going out shopping, etc. about 2"-4", mostly wedges.
  14. Nothing lower than 3.5! Sometimes I'll make an exception for maybe 3.25" if the shoes are cute enough. 4.25" is my max. It's either high heels or flats for me, nothing inbetween!
  15. I love high heels. I think they make your feet look better, but I'm 5'6 and feel like a giant. =(
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