How high are the 130mm shoes?

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  2. Where did you purchase them?

  3. What will your next pair be?

  4. If you didn't wear Louboutins, what would you wear?

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  1. Ok, rather than getting a ruler out, does anyone know how tall these are....does anyone wear them and is it torture or are they so well made you aren't uncomfortable?? I am just in awe of the super high ones!!!

    I just saw a pair of 120's by Versace or LC....they were sooo high...

    Please let me know!!!! I would love to be almost 6 feet tall!

    Cheers! Kiley
  2. 5.1 inches to be exact. Comfort level/wearability would depend on whether there's a platform (hidden or not). If there's a platform it could very well be walkable; w/o a platform....well in that case a 130mm heel for me would be strictly sit-pretty and car-to-dinner shoes.
  3. My 120mm are killer, but they have a platform so it is not that bad. I don't think that I will go to a 130mm....ouch!!!
  4. 120mm or higher is a difficult height without a platform unless you have a larger foot to match the heel.
  5. Fabulous!!!!! I have always been a Feragammo girl, but time to get a sexy black pump from L....don't you think??? Thank you! Kiley