How Hermes Make a Kelly Bag

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  1. Wow! Thanks Gigi!

    It looks quite interesting... now I want to learn about how they make the rigid!
  2. THANKS! That was very interesting to see behind the scenes as a beautiful bag comes to life through a craftsperson's hands.
  3. i love seeing how a bag is made and the work that goes into it......helps to justify the price :P
  4. Me too! I'm a huge fan of souple Kellys so this slideshow is a real treat! :nuts: Also affirm my thoughts that it'd cost quite a bit to replace the handle on a Kelly bag.

    From Slide #4
    9. ''The handle is the hardest part,'' Gandrille says. ''If it is not perfect, the bag is not perfect.'' The handle is six pieces of leather; Grassi is shaving the leather to thin it.

    10. It usually takes novice Hermes artisans 10 handles before they perfect their craft. ''A good handle,'' Gandrille says, ''will take three and a half hours to make.''
  5. Great show Gigi...don't you wonder how many of the craftmen/women love their jobs? It is such an art! They are true masters of their craft and I do feel people don't think about that much when they see a bag.
  6. That was really neat! And I think that's my kelly!! I'm amazed they make it inside out....what an art:love:
  7. This is why I love Hermes. It's much more than just a bag!!
  8. Oooh interesting, that looks like a lot of work !
  9. Wow, that's awsome!! :biggrin: One of my dreams would be to work for Hermès... it would be like a child in a candy shop..:lol:
  10. Gigi Leung, Thank you for posting that article:nuts: Very interesting to see how a Kelly is being made by hand! Makes me wanting one even more!
  11. Thank you for sharing! I love that red Kelly bag! :love:
  12. How interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  13. OMG! 18-24 hours to make one Kelly? The handles take 3 hours to make? I'm so amazed at the craftsmanship on this bag. It's worth paying a lot of money for. I will someday get one... :love:
  14. The bit about making the handle totally amazed me.