How Hermes changed a deaf girl's life -- incredible story

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  1. This is such an adorable story.

    Basically she saw a misnamed Birkin bag in a fashion magazine ... and her life changed in a really amazing way.

    "Les magazines de mode s’entassaient dans l’appartement. Un jour, mon oeil exercé détecta une erreur dans l’édition allemande de Glamour: on avait confondu le sac Birkin d’Hermès avec un sac Kelly! «Je n’en crois pas mes yeux», me disais-je à moi-même, «un magazine de mode qui commet une méprise aussi grossière!» J’envoyai ma critique par courrier électronique à Peter Hummel, reporter en chef de Glamour à Munich. Je terminai par ces mots: «Prière de ne pas téléphoner, je n’entends pas bien.»"

    "The fashion magazines were piled in the apartment. One day, my trained eye detected an error in the German edition of Glamour: they had confused the Hermes Birkin bag with a Kelly bag! 'I cannot believe my eyes, I thought to myself , 'a fashion magazine who makes such a large mistake!' I sent my complaint via email to Peter Hummel, chief reporter of Glamour in Munich. I concluded with: 'Please do not call, I cannot hear well.'"
  2. I really enjoyed the story. Is that your blog, Sonya?
  3. thank you for sharing this lovely story!
  4. Thank you for sharing this!
  5. A lovely story! thank you for sharing!
  6. I was charmed when she credited her life changing because of a Hermes Birkin.

    FYI, I only posted part of the story. It is what comes after that is incredible. It is like a fairy tale.

    I know she use earnings from her book sales to buy a Hermes Birkin. She carries it around with her a lot. It is her signature.

  7. Thanks for the link! I am envious of Fiona's great fashion background. Imagine your Mom's wedding dress made by K.L. before he bacame famous <sigh>.
  8. Such a great story, thanks for posting.
  9. What a great story
  10. Great story, thank you for sharing :smile:!
  11. Seriously! Would be incredible to see it.
  12. What an amazing young lady
    thankyou for posting
  13. Wonderful story. Beautiful girl with incredible drive and determination. Great taste too. Thanks for sharing.
  14. thank you for sharing this heartwarming story with us. Incredible lady!
  15. Thanks for sharing this story.