"how her passion for designer Louboutin heels turned into a £70,000-a-year business"

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  1. Just found this:



    I hadn't heard of this phenomenon of new-in-box Loubies (wealthy owners), being unloaded for discount to a middle-woman seller.

    Someone posted a while back that the "Louboutin hype was over". There used to be scalpers who bought the limited supply of Louboutin heels & scalped them on Ebay. These days, Loubies are HARD to sell, even new ones! I see lightly worn (e.g. 3 times) sold for like 40% off on Tradesy/Poshmark/Therealreal..even Ebay

    Most of my Loubies are bought 40% off (discounts at retailers like Barneys/Neiman Marcus/Saks & Loubie boutiques), or lightly-used from Ebay.

    "The best shoe is the one that is worn the most"

    My staple was the pre-2013 (classic) Pigalle 120..I have several pair. LOVE them, simple & effective.

    I have a narrow playlist of fave Loubies (e.g. short-toe 120 heels like Pigalle 120, Pigalle Follies 120, Hot Chick 130), & I only buy them & similar non-platform 5" heels. My current "goto shoe" is Hot Chick 130 (see Stilly's Hot Chick 1 week challenge), & I find other shoes simply don't get worn. I'm considering selling some of them

    Sometimes a tight budget is good (VS an unlimited budget), it forces you to be SELECTIVE. Otherwise, you can end up with a HUGE collection of shoes..many of which don't get worn.
  2. Do you know where is a good place to get them brand new on sale in the UK?

    I want the black suede pigalle follies 100mm
  3. Yeahhh i’ve seen pigalles in black and nude on sale for 20% off on a European website (matches???) over singles day. I was very surprised classic styles can be one sale! The selection styles was small though.
  4. I have a pair new on ebay that still haven't sold in over a year. Almost at half off. I think they are getting harder to sell unless they are deeply discounted.