How heavy is Veneta (large)? (help me choose between Veneta and Givenchy Pandora)

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  1. Hi all,

    This may seem like a really silly question. I already have a medium Veneta and she's lovely and light (thanks to authentication ladies here!) and I'm thinking of getting a large as well. I'm deciding between the large Veneta and the medium Givenchy Pandora.

    I'd be using it for work - I love the look of both but I can't cope with a bag that is too heavy as I walk/travel for work a lot and have back problems. How heavy is the large Veneta??

    Please chime in if you have both! Thanks all!
  2. I have both. My medium panda is the pepe kind - definitely much heavier than the large veneta. I am travelling right now and didn't bring my panda with me, or else I would have weighed them for objectivity.

    Having said that, panda can definitely fit more hence I tend to stuff it more when I travel.

    When empty, veneta is great as I could easily lay it flat and pack it in my suitcase.
  3. I have both as well. The veneta is definitely much much lighter than the medium pandora. I'm always amazed at how light it is even with all my things. That said, the pandora is a great bag too. I travelled all over Europe with the Pandora and never thought weight was an issue. If you ask me which to pick, I'd say it's very tough. They are both great bags and I wouldn't part with either.

  4. Thanks both! It's super helpful though now I feel like I want both haha. I can only get one though, unfortunately.

    Another q: How do you deal with your laptop, though? Right now I carry it separately in a laptop bag (and can still get on flights). I'm just slightly afraid that with the Pandora (which I guess is substantially heavier) it'd be a bit hard to juggle together with a carry on.

    Decisions. Decisions.

  5. Believe me when I say, you will eventually get both. :smile:

    I usually use a Longchamp on flights and put my laptop and Pandora in there.

    The Pandora is not that heavy, just heavier than Veneta. Pandora has hardware while Veneta doesn't. The Pandora is a very handy bag for travel because of the multiple compartments, I usually put my wallet and other things in the bigger compartment and camera/ phone in the top compartment. Hotel room keycard in front zipper, works so well for me. I want to get a second in a neutral(my current one is green).

    Veneta is just amazingly light weight but, somehow I've never traveled with it. I prefer something that has a cross body strap for travel and so always leave the Veneta neatly tucked away at home. However, I'm thinking of using it my next trip.
  6. Thanks again for the input! It's much appreciated ;)

    I really hope I don't end up getting both! The crossbody option is super tempting - especially for travel but I just really hate heavy bags - I have a Miu Miu and a Prada I don't use much precisely because of the weight of the leather!! I don't know how other people cope to be honest.

    While travelling I sometimes use a medium long handle Longchamp as well but I'm sometimes afraid that with all the crap I put in it the handles will break one of these days and kill my laptop! But it's good to know it's strong enough not to...

  7. I try not to bring my laptop when I travel. On rare occasions that I have to, i put it in its sleeve then I use my medium nightingale as my overall hand carry instead. I prefer only having 1 carry on bag when I travel. Like you, I don't like juggling things for fear that I might leave something behind...

    My MBP 13" can fit into my large veneta. But there's hardly any room for much else and I won't recommend this.
  8. Oh I didn't know a 13-inch MB could fit!! Good to know just in case. Does it fit in the medium Pandora?

    Sorry for these endless questions. Thanks though!!! :flowers:

  9. I never tried putting it in my panda, tbh.
    I don't think it would look good as the laptop would make it very structured. Not sure if that makes sense...
  10. No no, that makes sense. It wouldn't look like a box anymore I guess? Ugh ok I'm going to have to sleep on this to decide. Thanks!!!
  11. I wouldn't recommend putting the laptop in either bags. Just get a travel size Longchamp and use that to put ur bag and laptop(in sleeve) into it. You don't want to put these nicer bags on the airplane floor anyways. The Pandora isn't really heavy, just heavier than Veneta. I wouldn't write off Pandora as a heavy bag at all and don't make it a criteria while choosing ur bag. It's a super duper functional bag

  12. I am sorry I cannot weigh in on the large Veneta but the kind ladies here will help you with that. Just to chime in that the Longchamp long handle tote is strong enough to carry a lot. If you find you need a detachable crossbody option, I will also strongly recommend the Longchamp Neo line as these are available in multiple sizes/colors/limited edition prints.
  13. Thanks!!
  14. I am loving my Longchamp neo in black.