How heavy is the Stam compared to Chloe Paddy? and other q's

  1. :yes: Just wondering how heavy the new stams with canvas lining are compared to the Chloe Paddington? Also which is more comfy to carry and is the Stam leather nice and soft? I have seen many in real life and I am sure some were fakes, I know it is so easy to spot a real paddy from a fake and the same with a Balenciaga but how easy is it to spot a fake Stam? It's just with the other two bags one thing is the softness etc of the leather and the leather of the Stam looks quite hard n pics?
    Hope you can help!
  2. Also, on the paddy the gold chips off the padlock does this happen with the gold chain on the Stam?
  3. Here is a thread that might help answer your question about weight:
    Is this bag too heavy?? Guide to weigh :smile:

    As for the chain, I don't believe MJs have that problem. To my knowledge, the gold isn't painted on so it shouldn't chip off.
  4. I have the Paddy and the Stam and I reckon they are almost the same weight - the Stam might be a touch heavier. Sorry I don't have scales or else I could be more precise :shrugs:
  5. Ok thanks!
  6. They are about the same weight. I love the leather on the Paddy mcuh better though. So soft...
  7. The leather on the new stams aren't as soft as the old ones.. but as DesignerElla mentioned in another thread, the stiffer leather maintains the stam shape better than the old ones.