how heavy is the sienna

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  1. Hey guys,

    how heavy is the kooba sienna bag? Is it like chloe paddington heavy or closer to balenciaga? im thinking of getting one as my everyday bag. It seems ideal since it can fit nicely on the shoulder, carry a lunch and a paper (without folding the paper), etc. My only concern is that it is heavy. That's what I heavy is it? :S
  2. I recently bought one and I don't think it is that heavy. Maybe 2-3 lbs empty?
  3. Definitely closer to the Paddy than Balenciaga..(which is the two extremes, really)

    If the bag being heavy concerns you, you might want to give the Sienna a miss..
  4. i was afraid of that...

    *sigh* why is it so hard to find a nice, leather bag that's not too heavy but can fit papers and go on your shoulder nicely? I mean the balenciaga is the closest thing to this description except the city doesnt fit papers nicely (it JUST fits) and the work doesnt go on your shoulder nicely cuz it doesnt have a shoulder strap but the handles only go on the crook of your arms/handheld nicely but not on the shoulders..
  5. Pandy, have you looked at the Day?, fits beautifully on the shoulder, but to be honest, don't think Balenciaga is the best bag to carry paperwork..too slouchy..You need something more structured, ever thought of LV Epi?
  6. I find it somewhat heavy and I dont carry much in my bag aside from wallet and cell phone.
  7. To me its heavier........But worth it, only it doesn't look as big in real life as it does on Sienna Miller, do you suppose its because Im 40 lbs heavier? :cursing:
  8. Mmm....I love my Siennas. I have it in black, espresso and luggage and they're sooo substantial. I appreciate it because they don't feel like they're going to fall off my shoulder.