How heavy is the Mina? + opinions.

  1. I'm thinking about purchasing one (in plum) but I know some MJ bags can be WAYYYY heavy. Any opinions?
  2. ACTUALLY....this bag isn't very heavy....the chain is the hollowed out kind and it's not as bulky as they's a little bigger than the little stam....i'd get it now since so many sales are going on right now....good luck!
  3. Yep, that's my plan! Thanks for the info. I was hoping it was less heavy than the Stam, honestly. Don't get me wrong, the Stam is beautiful but my Chloe's give me enough shoulder pain! =)
  4. The only thing that I don't like about the mina is the strap. I try to stay away from chain straps because it can hurt my shoulder if worn for a long time.

    These were on sale at Barney's for 60% off. Call now and maybe you can still find on there.