How heavy is the ergo?

  1. Does anyone Know the actual weight of the Coach Ergo that goes for $268 ? Do to shoulder trouble I need a light everyday bag. Any other suggestions are welcome.:confused1:
  2. I have no trouble with mine, No slipping from shoulders or anything It' not heavey but I don't have it jammed packed either
  3. What color do you have? When its empty do you think its 1Lb or less?
  4. Oh its got to be less than a pound empty and mine is all black. Love my ergo very roomy!!
  5. That sounds Great thanks.
  6. my Ergo tote is the lightest purse I have ever owned. It has pretty much no harware and the leather is light and soft. It weighs less than my wallet!
  7. I own several Ergos and I agree they are my lightest bags. I own the large Vachetta Vintage Hobo and the Ergo Vintage Vachetta Tote. They are both lightweight bags. Love them both. Get anything Ergo, you will love the line.
  8. Thanks, I'm Going to take a look at them at macys today.
  9. Ditto. Mine's turquoise blue and I'm so in love with it right now...:heart:
  10. if you're looking for a lightweight bag, the ergo is definately the way the go!