How heavy is the Carla?

  1. I'm toying with getting the black Carla, reduced a further 15% on Bluefly today, but I'm thinking it might be too heavy, I'm getting fed up with bags that weigh a ton before you even put anything in it...Is it as heavy as the Lena? TIA:smile:
  2. maggie, I carry the little sister of Carla, the Maria. For that size bag the weight is perfect.

    I tried on a Carla in the store and thought the weight was appropriate for that size bag. It did not occur to me it felt too heavy. I just didn't need the interior size so chose the Maria instead.
  3. ^^^
    Thanks, I like them big...$315 is not a bad price for brand new, I'll have a think about it:yes:
  4. Not as heavy as it looks. If you loaded it up big time it would be heavy as it is a pretty large bag that can hold a ton. But with a reasonable amount in it, it isn't bad at all.
  5. not heavy at all 4 the size IMO