How heavy is the Betty?

  1. Yes, now I am eyeing the BETTY! Agh!
  2. oooh nowhere near as heavy as the paddy. Its a gorgeous gorgeous bag, I love it much more now than when it originally was introduced.

    Buy one, you wont regret it, they are stunning bags :biggrin:
  3. Great weight, great size, great bag!!!!
  4. Wow! Thanks girls!!
  5. Love the Betty, I have several styles of the Betty, and the weight depends on the style. The lightest one I have is the Dove grey large Betty that came out last summer. I think Chloe used a lighter weight leather than the original Betty's. I have a large black and a black patent tote, and they seem much heavier, but they have more hardware and the leather seems thicker. I just purchased the chain Betty on sale at BG, debating on whether to keep it, but it is so chic, and doesn't seem too heavy (of course, that is, when it's empty:lol: ). I do like the Betty style, it's chic, casual, and it is so utilitarian with all the pockets, I just keep going back for more!!