How heavy is Love me mini?


Jan 13, 2006
Hello everyone :smile:

It's the first time I see BE bags....WOW they are really beautiful ...

But how heavy are they? I'm thinking of a LMM in Pewter :drool:
Hope it's not over 1 kilogram ...Anyone know??

Thanks! :smile:
Not sure if they're calf leather, but the leathers come in differnt textures. There are glossies, matte and crash leathers. The pewter is crash leather and is the most durable of the Be leathers. i have a pewter swatch and it is gorgeous. PM me if you want the swatch sent to you.

Also comes in pebbled leather as well.
I've got the TMA in matte black, and compared to the LM midi in grey...I really think the leathers are different, and don't think there's any comparison!! Although, I only have the pewter and black crash swatches to compare to them!
Welcome to BE Cilifene!:flowers:

I am loving your thinking re. the pewter.

Ever since I got my Angel Purse in Pewter, I have gone crazy for it and have planned to get a Pewter Hold Me from the Fall/Autumn collection as well! It's such a beautiful metallic and a gorgeous leather - very adaptable for all seasons. There are some pics up in the 'Pics only' sticky and Valkyrie360 has a fabulous Love Me in it! :yes:
Congrats on your order! I really don't think it is heavy at all. I'm about average 5'5, 125 lbs and I have the LMMiniMidi, LMMidi, and LM regular and to me they feel pretty light. Plus it is comfortable with the detachable shoulder strap.
Thank you SO much all of you!!!! I'm really VERY glad to hear that :smile:
Ashley emailed me today - it has already been sent what a speedy delivery - I have a feeling I'll come back for more :graucho:

Does any of you BE-lovers know if the LM (not the mini) vill come again in Pewter?