How heavy is Hayden-Harnett Pallenberg duffle?

  1. I've been hunting for the perfect cross-body bag to when traveling, and I really like HH's Pallenberg duffle. However, I've read posts complaining that it's heavy. I know that many of HH's bags are lightweight (e.g. Havana hobo), so I was wondering how heavy is "heavy". :confused1: 3lbs? 5lbs?

  2. Heavy?? i just got the pallenburg in chalk and it's very light! it's actually lighter than my havana hobo. i'm in love with this bag, the size, yummy leather, the color and the hardware make this bag perfect IMO!!!! i am not sure that you would be able to wear it cross body though. the strap is just long enough to carry on your shoulder. when i wear it this way it hits right at my hip and i am 5'-4" for reference. HTH!!!
  3. really?? that's so weird b/c i've read several posts on tpf complaining that it's a heavy bag made of a stiffer thicker leather. maybe it varies from batch to batch?

    i'm 5', so hopefully the cross-body will work on me. i emailed HH asking about it, but i never got a response. :shrugs: might as well take the chance!

    thanks for the info!