How heavy is a Mulberry?

  1. I 'm not supposed to carry any heavy bags so I need to know do these bags weigh over 2 pounds? They are so pretty. :idea:
  2. My mulberry annie weighs 2lb empty and i think the bayswater is a similar weight. How much do you carry IN your bag?
  3. It depends on which bag you choose. Some are pretty heavy - Emmy etc while others are really light - Araline, Mabel, Hanover etc.
    The weight is going to depend a lot on the leather, darwin is heavier than glove etc.
  4. I don't carry much in my bag. Lv pochette wallet ,coach wristlet for makeup, Lv 4 keyholder, cell phone, sunglasses and sometimes reading glasses. These bags look so pretty. I have a bad shoulder so I was told to keep my bags a bit lighter. I 'm totally new Mulberry so if you have any more great suggestions or a favorite color or a favorite style I'm all ears. Thanks!
  5. If I was you I'd avoid the darwin bags then if you have a bad shoulder and look at some of the styles in the other leathers. Personally I love the darwin leather BUT it is heavy!!
  6. Thank you. They all look so good. Maybe I had better find a store that carries them rather then ordering online so I can feel how heavy they are and play with them a bit. I love those green ones I saw in one of the threads. I will try not fall in love with the darwin leather and look more in to the other bags sarajane suggested.

  7. have fun trying them on!
  8. Thank you , I may have to a wait a few weeks until I can get to New York City as I can't find any place near by that has them. But when I do get there it will be fun.
  9. Definitely avoid the Roxanne in Darwin leather because it weighs a ton. I am more used to toting Marc Jacobs bags which already have a reputation for being heavy but the Roxy seems even heavier!
  10. I have a stunning Mulberry in a pretty shade of pink/peach. I think it is the Phobe. It was my first Mulberry bag I bought last year. It is too heavy for my taste. I only wore it about 5 times. The leather is to die for and it is so pretty but as much as I try to put my things in it I end op switching to another bag......... So my advice would be to try them on before you buy.
  11. I agree with everyone!!!! The Darvin leather IS heavy!!! Do try them on!!!...
    I saw the new Mabel in goat skind two days ago, it's alot leighter :smile:)

    Have fun :smile:
  12. You've really got to try them on before you buy. The Phoebe is lovely but it is heavy. Emmy and Roxanne are too heavy for me. The good news is there are loads of lighter Mulberry bags - give Mabel a whirl as it's really light - so I'm sure you'll find something you love that you can carry. Have fun!
  13. My sister has an Emmy bag and it weighs a ton! I wouldn't recommend it to you.
  14. I just bought the Fleet in black on the website and as it is made of washed nappa it is lightweight. The shoulder strap is quite wide so it doesn't dig in if you carry alot in it. I'm guessing the other bags like the Carnaby in nappa are quite light also, just comes down to what you like the look of. These ones can only be bought via The Fleet cost me GBP395.