How heavy are they??

  1. I'm hoping someone with a massive chloe collection can help me..

    I'm looking to buy my very first chloe bag (i killed my lemming for a LV bag) and I'm tossing between the Tracy and Betty - i think both are great everyday bags that can fit a lot...

    I remember the paddingtons being quite heavy so i'm wondering how heavy both these bags are???? Are they comfortable to use everyday with the bag being quite full?? Which one is lighter or more practical??

    TIA! (and can 't wait till i get one!!)
  2. The Tracy is not heavy but the straps/handles are very thin and tend to fold when worn over the shoulder. I use mine a lot and I sometimes worry that putting a lot in the bag may strain the straps too much. I don't have a Betty so I can't really compare the two but I hope my input helps you.
  3. Congrats on your decision to try Chloe, I started with a Betty and now I'm hooked. I've tried the Paddy's, but they are just too heavy for me. I had a Tracy, but never carried it, sold it, so honestly, can't say how it is to carry. Not sure how much weight difference there is between the two, don't think there is too much.
    I think 'heavy' depends on what you are comparing --in my personal opinion, Chloe is heavier than some, but many of the high end designer bags in leather are heavy. The Chloe leather is wonderful. I have acquired quite a collection of Chloe,-- Betty, Ava, Tekla, Silverado, and Edith, and I'm in love with all.
    Don't think you can go wrong with either bag, both are good choices.
  4. Chloes are heavy but Betty is not, it's my lightest weighted chloe bag I own (among with my patchwork bag)...paddingtons do weight tons but I think the ones you're concidering aren't heavy at all :tup:
  5. Thanks everyone for the responses - it looks like i'm going to get the Betty then!!! I'm sooo excited!!