How HEAVY are Spy bags?

  1. Hiya folks - popping over from the LV forum to inquire about Spys :graucho:

    How heavy are these bags? I am referencing, more specifically, the black leather ones...

    Can anyone compare them to a Balenciaga (which I own and are exceptionally light)?

  2. Hi Tia~

    I happen to own both...Balenciaga (in several styles) and I have owned a Black Spy and currently a Cognac Spy. In comparison, I would say the Spy is slightly heavier, but by no means would I say it is a "heavy" bag, which is just one of the many reasons I LOVE :love: My SPY!!

    Some designers, like Marc Jacobs, tend to be heavy before you put anything into it. Not so at all with the SPY!!

    Good luck!
  3. ITA

    It is not as light as the balenciaga (although I would say the leather part is just as light)
    Its the gorgeous handles and the braided purse section that make it heavier, but certainly not an uncomfortable heaviness - i would say the perfect weight, but then right now, the spy IS my perfect bag ;) lol
  4. Thanks for the replies! I am sold! Besides, DH really likes the look of the Spys :graucho:

    Going to get me a Spy... :wlae:
  5. YAY, Addy!!!:yahoo:
  6. go for it Addy!!! You will not regret it. The Spy is in a league all its own:love: . So happy you're getting one!

    IMO, the Spy is slightly heavier than Balenciaga bags, but the fit is nicely contoured to the body. In some ways it's shape is more comfortable to carry than a Bbag.
  7. That is brilliant, let us know which one you get
  8. Congrats on making the decision to go for it! you won't regret it!

    Keep us posted on what you get
  9. I think the weight is pretty reasonable. ^^
  10. Please post photos once you bring her home!! :tender:
  11. So excited for you!!! I have a small spy, but I want the larger one as well, just not sure what color. They are lightweight and gorgeous.
  12. I have both Balenciaga (several styles) and Spy. The Spy is surprisingly lightweight.. its shape fits a ton of stuff.. and this is what makes mine heavy.. the contents and not the bag itself. For the B City, I find it is not as heavy as my Spy as there is only so much you can put in if you want to retain the slouchy look. So, I use the Spy on days i need to look put together but have to carry a lot.. B for all my weekends though!
  13. Yay Addy :biggrin: congrats from now..can't wait for pics :smile:
  14. woohoo!! Great to see you in the Fendi forums as well Addy! I hope you get your spy soon, because you definetly won't regret it!! :biggrin:
  15. yay!!! cant wait to see it- spys are great