How heavy are Kooba?

  1. I have been looking for a new purse and really like a lot of the Kooba styles but HATE a heavy purse. I have a Mulberry Phobe that is too heavy for me to use it. I was thinking of buying the Devin but wanted to know how heavy this purse might be and other styles. I love my Louis Vuitton purses because they are so light but I want to get away from the monogram thing.
    Any thoughts on how heavy your Kooba bags are and what you like and dislike about them would help me.
  2. A lot of Koobas are pretty heavy. I don't know how heavy the Devin is, but the Sloane and Sienna probably are 2-3 pounds on their own. The Lena and Paige are up there too. Some are lighter than others, like the Brynne. I am not sure where Devin falls and I think it would make a difference suede v. reg leather. I know some of the ladies have a Devin and maybe they can chime in.
  3. I have a Sienna. Heavy. I also have a Jessie. Moderately heavy. I love to carry them, though, and when they wear me out, I just change out to something lighter for a while.
  4. The Devin is not heavy on its own as it's the lighter weight lambskin and has very little hardware. The Elisha is also a lighter weight bag.
  5. Marcelle and Lucy are light as feathers..(almost) Sienna, like someone said is heavy, think it depends more on the style than the size of the bag...

    You should be ok with a Devin:smile:
  6. I don't own one, but everytime I go into Sak's I try them on. They seem like they could be heavy after wearing them for awhile. The leather is TDF.
  7. Ditto with the Lucy, Renee, Claudia, Brynne, Chiara, Elisha...being light bags.
  8. Love my Renee as it's so light and comfortable. I battled my Sienna in Raisin at the grocery store today. With the clasp inside it's not all that easy to get things in and out of let alone toting a heavy bag. I don't know what wore me out more...10 bags of food, an hour and a half shopping on a busy Sunday afternoon or one handbag. But it sure is a beauty!
  9. The Paige is definitely my heaviest! On it's own it's at least 4 pounds. I weighed my Jessie for fun with a stuff in it and it was just under 4 pounds! The jessie is easy to carry though.
  10. I find the pebbled leathers are heavy. My leather Ginger and Brynne are very easy to carry. Paige is quite heavy. Definitely wonderful bags and worth every penny.
  11. All of the Koobas I own or owned were heavy to me...Elisha, Paige, Sienna...even more so once I put actual stuff inside of them! Very un-comfy to take shopping.
  12. i have a taylor hobo that has such soft slouchy leather and medium weight. but i have a lena in hard stiff leather that must be 3 lbs on its own. i never use it.
  13. What about the Sloan? Did I spell it right?
  14. ^ I have a Sloane. I'm home from work for the day so I just lifted them both for you! The Sloane feels just as heavy, if not more. I think it feels heavier b/c of the length maybe. I know it gets heavy on the shoulder too. I stopped carrying it b/c of that reason. I don't know the exact weight though. I tried to weigh it but the scale won't register for some reason- sorry!
  15. How heavy is a Hudson?? Looking to buy one soon!!