How healthy is subway?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Just wondering how healthy subway sandwhiches are.. let's say if i get the wheat type of bread with no dressing...
  2. Whole wheat bread, lean ham or turkey, veggies and lite or no mayo is healthy.

    White bread, spicy Italian with cheese and mayo, not as healthy.

    You just have to make wise choices from the menu.
  3. I think the worst thing for you at subway are the cheese, the full-fat sauces, and meats like pepperoni, etc. Not sure about their specials like the teriyaki, etc. I love how you can pile on the veggies though, if you got turkey with all the vegetable options it would be a pretty balanced meal, IMO. They also have a great low-fat honey mustard spread, yum!
  4. Subway's website has all of the nutrition facts. :yes: You have to choose from the original 6 subway sandwiches that have lean meat (like turkey, roast beef, etc).

    If you order the meatball sub or a steak & cheese sub then it's not quite so healthy, even on wheat bread.
  5. I usually order the turkey with swiss on whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato. Kind of boring , I know :\ The lettuce they use is iceberg lettuce which doesnt have much nutrition but as the other girls said.. the lean meats like turkey and the veggies are probably your healthiest choice.

    And skip the fountain drink and chips as always even the baked ones, they still have a lot of fat. Stick to the water =)
  6. ....oops I always have the old english cheese. I love it...!! But always on a roast beef which is ok. I don't like the hot variety. In australia it says which toppings to avoid for a healthier option on the napkins...
  7. I LOVE the chicken parmys and meatball subs that are toasted, with extra ranch sauce! its delicious. is it! When i diet i always get the ham/turkey or roast chicken salads.
  8. I always get the honey oat bread over the wheat...I think honey oat has 1 more gram of fiber than the wheat, and I think it takes better.
  9. good question!! I often feel pretty good after having a sub, versus eating Wendys and feel like crap!
  10. Well, I have a family member on DHs side that is a higher up at Subway. I won't say who this person is, because I don't want it to get this person in trouble, but... Subway is healthier overall than say McDonald's but you have to make wise choices, which, is easy since they give out nutritional information. But, they are cheap - like the McDonalds and quality is so-so. Even this family member will say you will get higher quality sandwiches at other sandwich shops.

    As far as the wheat bread? it's a joke - they throw in a bit of whole wheat to get the color, but it's still mostly white, so don't trick yourself there. Honestly, you can have a much healthier lunch at most other cold sandwich places if you make the right choices - no oils or salad dressings, turkey breast, swiss cheese (or no cheese) and sticking to veggies for condiments.
  11. ^ I agree w/ berry. I think you can find low fat/cal choices but the quality is awful, IMO. If you taste the regular bread v. wheat, they taste the same, to me anyway. My grocery store is Publix and they make a GREAT sub w/ deli meat that actually tastes normal and not processed like Subway's. I guess I'm the odd one out, b/c I really don't care for Subway.
  12. Harris teeter makes GREAT subs!!!

  13. ITA. Subway is all right in a pinch. But you should stick to packing your lunch and choosing wholesome, nutritious foods, such as veggies, fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, etc.

    If you're going to eat at Subway, stay away from the cheese, mayo, sauces and super processed, salty meats (salami, for example). Also, don't get the combo with chips or a cookie. Just stick to the sandwich :yes:
  14. :lol: Yes they do! I also get their salmon salad.

    I used to go to Subway all the time for lunch during the work week. I would get their Veggie Delight salad with Sweet Onion Dressing. Yummy! For the most part, their veggies always tasted pretty fresh. The best thing about Subway is that YOU control what goes on your food. ;)
  15. I normally order the Roast Beef salad w/ double the meat.. (if I need the addl. protein for that day) and have them load up on the veggies... a good hand full of jalapeños & some pepperchini's. Instead of using there dressing.. I have them add more vinegar, and a dash of salt & pepper. yUm!:p