How he met Murakami


Luvin my new horsie
May 26, 2006
I'm posting this cause it seems everyone is fascinated; and it could really happen to any of us. Here's the story: I was totally obsessed with the panda agenda I bought while we were together. I even slept with it and held it by my side, was always asking him to hand it to me. I bought the book about marketing Murakami in Japan, it applied to his motorcycles too; so he read it, we talked and talked about LV. When he went to Tokyo, he went to the LV store 3 stories I guess. Or, maybe a different store downtown. He was probably flirting with the salesgirl (my guess) and asked if there was any Murakami left. She said no, but if he was interested, she would call a collector and see if he had some. He said yes. She made a phone call and said the collector did have a few pieces and would come down since he lived in downtown Tokyo. He waited for about an hour and then in through the door walked Murakami himself. He had several pieces which he was selling for very high prices, and he said it was the last Panda. God only knows what bf paid for it... but he said it was the most expensive keychain he ever bought. He told him that his girlfriend (at the time) is an artist and really loves his work. He was very flattered and said he wanted to meet and have coffee with me when I come to Tokyo. Then, they exchanged numbers, and on his way back (about 3 weeks ago) he called and invited him to lunch. Takashi showed up and they had lunch.

End of story. I guess the door is open for me to meet Takashi with or without biker boy....:P